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2013 Virtual Tour of Charlotte's Districts

No description

Justine Gazzola

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Virtual Tour of Charlotte's Districts

What should we (Mayor, Council and staff) do to build on these efforts and respond to future challenges? VIRTUAL TOUR of CHARLOTTE DISTRICT 1 Plaza Central:
Past, Present, Future SLIDE ONE DISTRICT 2 Where the City and the
University meet DISTRICT 3 A New West Side DISTRICT 4 Prosperity Village:
The Next Great Place DISTRICT 5 Corridor Revitalization DISTRICT 6 South Park: Not Your
Average Center DISTRICT 7 Ballantyne: A Great Place
to Live, Work and Play Prosperity Church Road Villages Plan 1999 Prosperity Church Road Villages Plan 1999 From City Vision To NCDOT Implementation Ongoing Charlotte Street
Network Planning What type of uses would you like to see in the Prosperity Village mixed-use center? Public Input on Village Center Concept What type of uses would you
like to see in the Prosperity Village
mixed-use center? Village Center Concept Village Center and I-485 Concord Mills: Following the “Rules” SouthPark, 1975 SouthPark, 1990 SouthPark, 2012 Setting the Stage Through Plans From Plans to Projects Bicycle and Pedestrian Implementation Plan A Model for Development Attractive mixed-use buildings and pedestrian scale signage. Multi-family housing is part of the mix at RiverGate. City grant for the purchase of public parking spaces to support the redevelopment of Historic West End Mosaic Village at JCSU Innovative test project with Public Art in the Public Right of Way to addresses public safety and aesthetics. 1-77 and West Trade Street Public Art Project The Historic West End Neighborhood Association was awarded a Neighborhood Matching grant   Neighborhood Matching Grant Signage This project will provide infrastructure improvements to Beatties Ford Road from LaSalle Street to I-85 that will improve safety and aesthetics aimed at enhancing the economic vitality of the area.  Beatties Ford Road Business Corridor Project  Private Investment Eastland Transit Station Four Seasons Plaza Renovation Fire Station 42 Includes bike lanes, planting strips, sidewalks, lighting, medians and tree planting. Central Ave Streetscape Eastland Mall Redevelopment Ballantyne - 1995 Ballantyne - 2012 Public Vision “All I had in my mind was, ‘This is a blank canvas – don’t screw it up!’”                             
                           H. C. Bissell
                           The Bissell Companies Private Vision Source: The First Ten Years of Ballantyne Corporate Park Infrastructure Investment Urban Design and Street Network Transportation Investments Community House Road FTM Complete Streets,
Complete Places Community House Rd. Ballantyne Commons Pkwy. Rezonings and the Vision The new intermodal terminal is being built between two runways at CLT. Transit has been a catalyst for redevelopment in South End. The West Side's rural landscape and older industrial uses are giving way to mixed use activity centers and modern logistics. South Tryon Street & Steele Creek Road in 1966. The same area in 2012. - South District Plan, 1993 Today's South End is a
rich mixture of old and
new. Continued planning
and visioning will help
South End go from
Good to Great. Vision: Community Safety
America’s safest community
Housing and Neighborhood Development
Communities of choice for living, working and recreation
National leader in environmental and energy sustainability
Premier city for integrating land use and transportation choices
Economic Development
The most prosperous and livable city through quality economic development Community of Choice for Living, Working and Leisure Corporate Objectives Five Points Intersection & Johnson C. Smith University Plaza Central Plaza Central 2000 1993 Council
Approves PED
Overlay Zoning 2011 2012 2003 1995 1992 Central District Plan Adopted 2012 2003 1998 1990 2004 Midwood International & Cultural Center Commonwealth Avenue Capital Improvement Project Center City 2020 Vision Plan Adopted Sunnyside Pedscape & Land Use Plan Adopted Belmont Area Revitalization Plan Adopted Central Avenue Business Corridor Investment Plaza-Midwood Historic District Established Council Funds Neighborhood Improvement Program Council Action for Plaza Central Façade Grant Program Results
Corporate Objectives Prosperity Village Plaza-Central Pedscape Plan Belmont Area Revitalization Plan Vision Capital Projects Central Avenue Business Corridor Chantilly NIP Commonwealth Avenue
Streetscape Improvements Plaza Midwood Historic District PED Overlay Zoning New Zoning Business Corridor Fund Business Equity Loan Program Business Development Facade Grant
Created Plaza-Central
Pedscape Plan
Adopted Before After 111 Central Avenue 1401 Central Avenue Before After South Park Piedmont Row Ballantyne Belmont Plaza Midwood Chantilly Sunnyside Central District Plan Sunnyside Pedscape & Land Use Plan First Public Parking Lot Plaza/Central
Special Project
Plan 1987 Plaza/Central Special Project Plan Before After
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