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eClinicalWorks Services

No description

Chander Manik

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of eClinicalWorks Services

Negotiate higher Reimbursements with Payers?
Utilize resources to do more Patient Engagement?
Meaningful Use Stage 2
Project Management Service
Medical Home
Shared savings
Participating practices need certain capabilities
Private Payer Incentive Plans
Most Incentive programs are state-specific
Few are nationally recognized
Mostly Primary Care and a few Specialties:
Unlike MU, they have no expiration date!

2014 GOALS
Looking to increase your bottom line?
Version Rollout Service
Increase Practice Productivity
Small practices represent 84% of Medical Homes
Total 152 factors.
eCW is NCQA pre-validated for 16.25 auto credit points.
High overlap with Meaningful Use.
PCSCP will unveil factors soon and change the Specialty Market!
Which one will it be?
A lot is about to change...!
75 factors require Reports
18 covered on MAQ Dashboards
Are you ready for 2014?
Find your balance
Measure Setup Assistance

Monthly & adhoc review

Provider & Staff Training

Registration & Attestation Assistance
Transform into a efficient and Tech savvy organization?
"Short term pain leads to long term gain"
The Holy Grail of Healthcare Reform
We want to help you grow!
Overcome ICD 10, MU2?
Coordinate Patient Care across the Circle of Care?
CMS Meaningful Use (MU): $44,000 - $63,000
Bridges To Excellence adoption: $7,500
Rocky Mountain Health Plan: $3,200
BCBS of Mass. PCPIP: $46,500
PQRS: $4,000

Interactive Patient Engagement
Everything is connected!
The Holy Grail of Healthcare Reform
Big Impact on Productivity
Sweden - 1997
Australia - 1998
Germany - 2000
France - 2005
Thailand - 2007
Korea - 2008

Learn from the past
single payer system
staggered ICD-10-CA/CCI implementation across states from
2001 through April 2005
It didn't go well..... WHY?
Adequate Training is critical
Expect drop in coder productivity
Expect drop in Provider Productivity
Content updates
Content Updates
ICD 10 Content Updates
ICD favorite lists
ICD groups
Insurance Setup
Super bills
Order Sets
Problem lists
And more...
Interoperability Impact
Identify all connected systems to eCW
Vendor readiness assessment
Redefinition of scope
Interface development
Interface testing & sign off
Pilot vs. Post Pilot Phase
Impact on Revenue Cycle
Reporting Impact
Minimize your AR Impact
Training for billers/ coders

Payer Readiness for ICD 10

Anticipate AR impact

Work down old AR
Identify reports to Revisit
Financial & Clinical

Productivity and Compliance

Reporting groups

Custom Reports

Registry reports & alerts
What's different?
Front Desk Efficiency
Deploy Kiosk
iPad Version
Let patients help...
Billing Office
Front Office
The Stick and the Carrot Approach
They come in All Shapes & Sizes!
Three common forms of reimbursement

Lump Sum
Fee Schedule Increase
Per Member Per Month (PMPM)
How can we help?
Setup a call with the Team

Payment Calculator

Submit Report to Client

Deploy required PPIC Dashboards

Consultants train Providers & Staff

eCW Project Manager manages the Project
Payment Calculator
Have a conversation with your Data
How can eCW Help...
Extraction Tool

CCMR - Care Coordination Medical Records
Why CCMR ?
Single Vendor Solution


EMR Neutral



Required for Meaningful Use

Measure & Enhance Quality of Care

Make Hospital Summary available to patient

Understand your patient population

Build on your portal
Patients like Apps!
Market Healow App to Patients
What does it offer?
Patient Satisfaction Surveys - certified by NCQA
What does
that mean?
will Customize
V10 Upgrade to fit
your Goals for 2014!

Show Hospital Discharge Summary
Be Competitive
Offer Services & Programs to Patients
Access Healow Hub
Deploy Enterprise Patient Portal
New in Version 10
Over 500 new enhancements!

General Release Available.

Reach out to your SAM

Do you need server upgrade?
Provider & Staff Training
Adopt Check Boxes & Shortcuts!
Enhance Workflows
Engage Business Analyst
for a site visit.
Revenue Cycle Consulting
Increase Billing office Productivity
Staff Augumentation
Focus on Project Management


Business Analysis
New Reporting Needs
Financial - eBO Consultants can help!
Version 10 Training
500 + New Features!
Increase Productivity
Customize your Billing Workflows
Setup a free call to learn more!
Working on Multiple Projects with eCW?
Schedule a Site Visit
One Product Company will help you achieve Goals!
eClinicalWorks by Numbers
85,000 + Physicians use eCW
545,000 + Users
200 M+ Appts
201 Million + Medical Records on the platform
Highest Product to Employee Ratio in the Industry
$300 Million Revenue in 2013
3000 + Employees
Leader across all Ambulatory Verticals
$ 41 Billion payers claims processed
1 Million

Visits every day
Consider Move to the Cloud
Want anytime anywhere access to eClinicalTouch on iPad!
Lower your IT Bills!
Looking at a costly server upgrade?
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