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ServSafe Chapter 9

Safe Facilities and Pest Management

Tom Hietpas

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of ServSafe Chapter 9

Safe Facilities and Pest Managment
Installing and Maintaining Equipment
Once equipment has been installed:
It must be maintained regularly
Only qualified people should maintain it
Set up a maintenance schedule with your supplier or manufacturer
Check equipment regularly to make sure it is working correctly
Dishwashing Machines
Dishwashers must be installed:
So they are reachable and conveniently located
In a way that keeps utensils, equipment, and other food-contact services from becoming contaminated
Following manufacturer’s instructions
Designated storage areas:
Store waste and recyclables separately from food and food-contact surfaces
Storage must not create a nuisance or a public health hazard
Emergencies That Affect the Facility
Imminent health hazard:
A significant threat or danger to health
Requires immediate correction or closure to prevent injury
Possible imminent health hazards:
Electrical power outages
Sewage backups
Emergencies That Affect the Facility
How to respond to a crisis affecting the facility:
Determine if there is a significant risk to the safety or security of your food
If the risk is significant
Stop service
Notify the local regulatory authority
Decide how to correct the problem
Establish time-temperature control
Clean and sanitize surfaces
Verify water is drinkable
Reestablish physical security of the facility
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