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AP Psychology: Outrageous Celebrities

No description

Sarah Trinh

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of AP Psychology: Outrageous Celebrities

Spears had been propelled from childhood into adulthood rather quickly. Because of that, she hasn't been able to go through some of the things that other children/teenagers do. Perhaps her regression into a rebellious teenager reflects her desires to experience the phases of growing up that she didn't get to have.
Britney Spears has suffered from post-partum depression caused by all the hormones released into the body during and after pregnancy. It probably led to her impulsive behaviors like suddenly shaving off her hair.
Britney Spears has married out of sheer impulse before. It might stem from the fact that she wants her needs for love and belonging to be met. It's clear that it hasn't been because she has issues with her relationships.
Britney Spears didn't grow up in the best of environments a child could grow up in. Her father was an alcoholic. When she got older, she became addicted to drugs, much like how her father was addicted to booze. It might have stemmed from the fact that she witnessed his addiction that she developed one of her own.
The failures of Britney's relationships has most likely been ingrained into her memory. It may be one of the primary reasons that her life has spiraled downhill with the drugs, depression, mental disorders, etc.
No matter where in the world or what culture it is, famous people or celebrities are highly publicized. Spears was a huge international celebrity and therefore received worldwide attention. Some of her actions were done to grab this. It has succeeded, for she is a famous pop singer in many parts of the world.
• Impulsive marriages
• Regressed to a rebellious teenager
• Shaved off her hair
• Publicly flashed her private areas
Outrageous Celebrities
Humans throughout the years have taken impulsive actions, and being impulsive hasn't disappeared from our genes. Spears impulsively got married to Kevin, and from that came two children. Though there are issues, the children have been helping through her depression and other problems. Not everything that comes from an impulsive act is a negative. Perhaps that's why the gene hasn't disappeared.
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