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Presence check

No description

robert massey

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Presence check

Ict Presentation
By Robert Massey
Data type check
A data type check is a check that ensures the data entered fits within the constraints of the rest of the data inputted.
A shop is doing an inventory of all its stock when inputting the number of gaming consoles left in stock they accidentally add a letter which could normally invalidate the data but the data type check would alert the user to the mistake
Presence check
A presence check is a check to ensure a certain data field is entered.

Example- an online shopping service will add a presence check to some of the buyers details before they can continue.
Format Check
This can be used to reduce human error in some data where it is always the same format.

Postcodes- a postcode will always have numbers and letters in the same place so a format check will inform you if the number or letter is in the wrong spot.
Range Check
A range check allows you to set boundaries for your data to fit into this will also alert you of human error when inputting data.

Examiner marking papers and inserting the results onto a spreadsheet you cant get less than zero or more than full marks a range check will ensure values do not breach these margins
Check digit
A check digit uses the last digit on a bar code to calculate if the other digits are correct this reduces human error when designing bar codes

Someone is creating a bar code for a bag of bananas they accidentally input the wrong data the check digit will use a complex calculation to calculate if the last digit makes sense and will alert you if not
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