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Unit 28, p1 p2 p3 m1 d1 By Jamie Cartwright

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jamie cartwright

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Unit 28, p1 p2 p3 m1 d1 By Jamie Cartwright

Unit 28, p1 p2 p3 m1 d1 By Jamie Cartwright
P1 Report
Web architecture is all of the technology that is used to make a web server run. This then allows the website to be viewed throughout the internet. The way this is done is by uploading the website on to a web server. The main components for the internet to run properly are; internet service provider (ISP), web hosting service, domain main registrars and domain structures as well as the World Wide Web
P2 Report
What is an internet service provider?
An internet service provider (ISP) is a company that is able to provide you with internet; this allows you to go online with their internet services. Many ISP offer many ways for the internet the three main ways to connect; dsl, broadband and fibre optic. There are many different ISP in the world they allow you to use them. The main ones in the UK are sky, Virgin media and BT. Both fitness UK as well as the client will have to have an ISP to be able to connect to the internet to access the webpage.
Web hosting
Web hosting is a way to make your website accessible online to other people. If you don’t web host then you web page will be impossible to view through the internet. Some companies offer services that you can pay a fee if you require their web hosting services. This is the easiest way to get your web site hosted.
A domain name is made up of 4 parts, the first part is www. This stands for World Wide Web, the second part is the website name. An example of this would be twitter the third part is the business part this is where the .co comes from. The last part is the region where the website is based that is where we get the .uk.
Domain name
Domain name register
Domain name register is a way to keep your domain name and stop anybody else using it. Most companies that have a website will have registered their domain name so nobody can use that domain name. Sometimes you don’t have to buy a domain name but it often the correct way to do things as you will keep that domain name and no one else can use it. So FitnessUk.com would be good domains name for the website as it the name of the company, it is unique and it is short and easy to remember.
Web server
If you have your own webserver if it goes down you will be able to fix it as quickly as possible, but if you rent a space on a server and it goes down it maybe 2 days before they can get everything running again. A web server dispenses all of the web pages all across the internet. The server has a live page that is able to show what the web page looks like to other people that try and view the webpage.
A router it a piece of equipment that is needed for the internet surfing. The router is connected from the phone line to the ISP. This allows you to get internet access. Once the router has a connection to the internet, it allows you to surf and it will send and receive information. An example of this would be when you click and search something in the search bar or address bar. The router then sends the information through the ISP to the correct web server to receive the web page; this is then relayed back through the server to the computer and then the browser to display the web page that has been asked. The router can be connected to four Ethernet connections at any one time as well as Wi-Fi. The router tells the computer apart from assigning them their own IP address so it can tell which computer is asking for the information and relay it correctly.
Allows users to gain access on the internet as long as they have an internet connection, they are able to locate and show information and webpages on the World Wide Web. Different browsers have different levels of safety. Internet explorer is the least safe. Firefox and chrome have a larger safety base to help users from corrupt files. Browsers all us HTTP and they decode the packets that they receive.
The type of browser that the client uses can also make a difference to the webpage. Say the client has internet explorer is being used by the client. It runs slower as it doesn’t have the scripting that newer browsers have. This will also make the website load slower as it will take longer to display complicated things such as a flash game or a large picture gallery. With newer browsers they have the ability to be able to load the webpage faster as they are able to run java and flash faster. This means that the client will be able to view the webpage as intended as there wont be any compatability issues and it will be able to load faster for them.
Proxy server
A proxy server is a way of the computer scanning the website before launch. An example of this would be if you hasd pop up’s blocked on the browser, the proxy server would then check the web page to see if there were any pop up’s on that web page, if there was it would turn the command to false so it would not display on the computer. The proxy server connects to different servers and this is because it can control the speed of which the web pages are displayed on a computer or the boundaries of the computer.
The processor is the brain of the computer. The better the processor the bigger the brain. The processor allows the computer to make calculations, so the better the processor the more calculations it can handle. If the processor can handle more processes then it will speed up loading the webpage. If the webpage has javascript or flash it would run the processes through processor to load up either flash or javascript so the webpage will load quicker.
Website language
Website languages are different, you can get many different kinds of languages that can do various things that some of the others can’t. the basic of the website language and the most widely used is HTML, this stands for hypertext markup link. This is the main frame of a website and still allows for other languages to be used in side of it. A few of the languages are; java, php and flash. Flash can be used to animate things within the webpage as well as php.
E-mail software
Emails are electronic mail. This is because they use a computer or a phone to send a electronic letter to people. There are many different types of services that you can use to send e-mails. The most used ones are Outlook and Hotmail. ISP offer their own e-mail services to their customers but you can set up your own private email for free. All emails are free to send, they can be sent all around the world.
Website software
There are many different types of software that is available to buy to be able to make a website using your preferred language. A good program that is widely used to make and create websites is adobe dreamweaver. This has the options of many different settings to use within the program. It also has 7 different languages to choose from making it a good program to use.
Pc Performance
The client’s pc performance will affect the way they will be able to view the website. If the client’s computer has a low performance this means that they might experience slower internet speeds when trying to look at the webpage. If the client has poor performance their computer may take a while to load the webpage as well as display the page fully if there equipment isn’t up to date.
Server side
Number of hits
A server and a web page can come into great difficulty if the number of hits gets too high. This is because the server may not be able to handle as much traffic that is going through the webpage at the time. This can cause complications and may make the webpage crash and unusable to the clients that are trying to view it.
The amount of memory that a computer has available decides on how fast that it will be able to load faster as will be able to save the temporary files from the website. If the user only has 2 gb of ram in their computer this will only be able to store 2048 mb of data, including the system files. If the user has a larger amount of ram installed like 8 gb this then means that they will have 8192 mb of storage to use. This in turn will allow for the computer to run faster as it won’t have to clear the ram as often, meaning that it will be able to store more temporary files from the websites. These will then be used to allow the webpage to load faster as they will be able to be part loaded from the temporary files.
ISP Speed
The speed that is provided from you internet service provider can have a major impact when trying to view a website. If you have a slow internet speed it will take a while for the webpage to load especially if the webpage has animation or complicated things on it. If you have an fast internet speed it means that it will be able to transfer more data over either wifi or Ethernet, depending on what connection you have. If you can transfer data faster this means that the data for the website will be able to collect quicker on the computer and display the webpage.
User side
Bandwidth ISP connection speed
The bigger the bandwidth the server has for the website the more users to view the website at any one time. The size of bandwidth can vary, if there is a small bandwidth there is only as certain amount of people that can comfortably surf on the website before it starts to struggle and stop working. If there is a large bandwidth for the webpage then it will be able to handle everything that is thrown at the webpage, it will also to be able to comfortably handle videos. This is because videos take up a large amount of bandwidth and if there are many people on the website watching the video at different times this can cause all of the bandwidth to be allocated to the video.
Files type that are used
There are many different image files that can be used on a web page, these can be either static or animated. There are many different types of image files that can be used on a website. These can be .jpeg .png .bmp .gif, all of these different formats can give different quality pictures depending on the circumstance of the website and how the images are being used in the website.
There are a few different sound formats that can be used on a website, these are either WAV or mp3. The most popular of the two is mp3. This is because the mp3 format is the smaller of the two. This means that if the mp3 takes up less space it will make the website load faster for the client.
There are two main video formats, these are SWF and AVI. The most preferred format for using on websites is AVI this is because it doesn’t take up a lot of memory, which is good for the website as well as the client. SWF videos are a lot bigger in size compared and take longer to buffer before playing meaning that they are taking more bandwidth which makes the website slower.
Executions to be carried out before webpage
This is what the browser checks for before running the webpage. It checks for any processes that it has to complete before the webpage can be displayed. This could be making sure that it has loaded all of the galleries for the user before the webpage is display or if the webpage has certain information about the time for an example. It will check the processes of the website and run the code to make sure it is displaying the correct time for the user that is trying to look at the webpage.
Viruses can be deadly to a computer, especially for a business. This is because they can be attached to any file in the world. They can also be installed without the user of the computer knowing anything about it. These viruses can gain access to personal information that is stored on the computer. There is a key logger virus, these can be untraceable and it logs everything that you type. It can be set to e-mail the results that it has managed to capture and relay it back to the person that has set up the key logger. Viruses can get into the computer files allow for them to duplicate their self in different folders and files making your computer useless. These viruses can even delete files if they have been programed too.
Identity theft
This is where someone uses a different person’s details to benefit them. This is the most use thing from when people are hacked. The hackers use the victim’s details to hid and carry out more attacks on innocent people. This would be bad for fitness uk as if they were breached they wouldn’t be able to stop it and many of their customers information will be stolen. This would then be the companies fault as they have cause they identity theft.
Different types of servers
Email servers are a server specially set up to be able to store a users email inbox. This can be for a personal use or for a business. Hotmail.co.uk is a really big email server for personal use. They have the ability to allocate 5gb of storage to each user that signs up to their server. This can hold a variety of different types of emails as well as be able to store attachments and photos on there own sky drive on their server. This allows the user to be able to store their own files to access anywhere in the world.
Email servers
These can be anything that has to do with serving software to a client through the internet. Application servers can hold information such as log ins and other personal information that may need to be saved. A good example of a application server would be in an online game. The game has to run by the server to allow the game to carry on being live and updated for the client. Application servers are normally really big to allow for all of the games users to be using the game at the same time without a hitch.
Application servers
Database servers can hold a vast amount of information. This can be product records for companies or it may be personal information that has been entered into a website. The database servers are normally encrypted to make sure that hackers will not be able to gain access to the information that is stored within the server. Most big companies have a database server, this is so they can keep a eye on their stock, keep records of what has been sold and who to. They can also keep employee details if they are ever need to be recalled at any time of the day.
Database servers
Companies can have their own email servers that are dedicated to the use of storing and monitoring the emails that are being sent and received. They can have as little or as much storage they want. This is because they have to set up the servers so can decide on what size they want to have the server. This all depends on how many emails the company will be getting and the size of each email.
A hacker is someone that access your computer without authorisation from the actual owner of the computer. When a hacker hacks a computer they may be able to view all of the personal details that are save on that computer, this would be bad for fitness uk as they will have all of their customers details save on a database. This means that if they were breached the hacker would end up with loads of personal details of people. They may be able to access password that have been saved to the computer. The best way to stop a hacker would to make sure that the business has a really strong secure firewall in place as well as a good antivirus. Making sure that they have a good anti-virus will improve their chances of not getting hacked. Also making sure that all of the passwords are secure and unique, this means that they aren’t easy to guess. Normally a good password has a capital letter, a number as well as being at least 8 characters long.
Unwanted junk
Unwanted junk could mean anything. The most common sort of “unwanted junk” could be spam e-mail. These are the worst as they can sell your information and email you misleading things that may have you click on them. Spam emails could be anything from the popular PPI claims to scams. These can become an annoyance to the user that is receiving all of the spam. This would then decrease the space for storage on the computer for the business, meaning that the computer will run slower as it has to read more items and making the process to find the information needed longer.
Social networking allows for users to make an account to then add people as friends. Websites like facebook and twitter allow users to have their own little space on the website. Their ‘wall’ is then used to post their own content such as posts, videos, photos and events.
Web technology is the interaction that the users of the website have with it. Web 1.0 allows users only to view the website. The host has the abilities to change things on the website. Web 2.0 allows users as well as host to make changes, this is mostly found on social networking sites, blogsing website and also video website.
Youtube is a website where people can share their own videos with the rest of the world over the internet. This can be used for many different things such as films being uploaded, music artistes uploading their own new songs. The videos are then stored on to youtubes servers for them to be accessed by anyone that wants too.
Blogs are mainly journals on the internet. Users can create and share blogs with people over the internet to share/relate their ideas and beliefs to other users that are looking at the blog. You can host your own blogging site or you can join one of thousands that are available throughout the internet.
Wikis are a source of information that is available on the internet. There are many websites that offer this but the main one is Wikipedia.com, they have many different pages on many different subjects. These pages allow for users to edit them but they are also under constant watch from admins to make sure all of the information is correct and not offensive to users.
This is where a user saves a file or program, but it isn’t save on the harddrive of the computer instead it is saved onto a ‘cloud’ this is a shared resource were there are many connections to one large amount of on-demand knowledge. This means that any computer that is connected to the network can access the cloud and send/ receive files. The problem of cloud computing is it is all run off a server and if the server then goes down you are unable to connect/ get any of the files that are stored on it.
Cloud computing
TCP (transmission control) protocol is similar to the IP protocol as it transfers data across a network. The data is broken down into smaller data packets which are sent from one computer to another. The receiving computer then decodes the packets and puts them back together to be able to create the original file. TCP is liable to examine the data that has been send from the computer to the server. If the data is misplaced then the TCP automatically send the data again. This is one of the most important as it is half of a network protocol that is used to control the data that is on the internet. The other half is IP (internet) protocol; this is used to transfer data between to different computers over the internet. This uses the internet or LAN to be able to send the data between them both. Every device that is connected to the internet has a IP address that is unique to every other on that network. This is so when the computer sends packets of data they know where to go and won’t get lost or sent to the wrong computer/server.
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