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Manufacturing and Engineering

This is a Prezi about the manufacturing and engineering sector of work

Jacob Kilby

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Manufacturing and Engineering

Case study: Design engineers
Design engineers
research and develop
ideas for new products and the systems used to make them. They also work to
improve the performance and efficiency
of existing products.

As a design engineer you could work in a variety of industries, ranging from electronics to synthetic textiles, on projects as diverse as the redesign of a mobile phone to the construction of motorcycle parts from carbon fibre materials
What kinds of jobs are available?
Some of the jobs available are:
Aerospace engineer
Design engineer
Electrical engineer
TV or film sound technician
Musical instrument maker/repairer
Motor sport engineer
Food scientist/technologist
Qualifications needed
You normally need a degree to become a design engineer. You could choose from a range of subjects, such as:
•Product design
•Industrial design
•computer-aided design (CAD) engineering
•Engineering design and manufacture
•Materials science.

Mechanical, electrical and civil engineering qualifications may also be acceptable to employers.

Starting salary - £22,000-£28,000

After 10-15 years in role (experienced) - £40,000-£60,000
Focus: Design

Manufacturing and Engineering
What is manufacturing and engineering?
This is a huge job family that takes in loads of jobs.

Manufacturing engineers have a high level of technical expertise and skill, which they use to plan, design, set up, modify, optimize and monitor manufacturing processes.
Manufacturing and Engineering vital part of the economy
Wide variety of jobs available - lots of career options
This career path will stay because we always want new or better products
Need a degree in Product design or Materials Science
Starting salary around £22,000
Some manufacturing statistics
In 2009 manufacturing was
UK's 3rd largest sector
, after business services and the wholesale/retail sector
In 2011 manufacturing valued at 46% (£225 billion) of all UK exports
In 2011 manufacturing generated £154 billion (16% of the UK economy)
Manufacturing has accounted for 20% of growth since recession ended in 2009
In 2012 manufacturing
employed 2.9 million people
(9.8% of total UK employment)
£309 billion total turnover in 2011 (9% of total of all sectors turnover)
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