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Copy of Lesson 9. The Encyclopedia Brown, the Boy Detective

No description

Jina Woo

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Lesson 9. The Encyclopedia Brown, the Boy Detective

Leroy Brown, also known as Encyclopedia Brown, is a boy detective.
In this story, he helps his father, Chief of Idaville Police, solve the case of the stolen diamond necklace.

Encyclopedia was reading about diamonds when his father, Chief Brown, entered his room.
“Do you know that diamonds are so hard that they’re used to cut stone Encyclopedia asked. He wanted to talk about diamonds, but his father had a problem. He said,
“Mr. Goldman, the jeweler, had a diamond necklace stolen.”

Chief Brown and Encyclopedia went to see Mr. Goldman in his store. Mr. Goldman seemed very upset.
“The stolen diamond necklace is insured for five million dollars, but money can’t buy such fine diamonds.”
Chief Brown pointed at the necklace on Mr. Goldman’s desk and said, “What is that necklace?” Mr. Goldman said,
“That is a copy of the stolen diamond necklace. It’s made of glass.
At night, the two necklaces are kept together in the safe on the second floor.”

Mr. Goldman stood up. “Let me show you how it happened.”
From the office, Mr. Goldman led the way into the hall. The hallway floor was made of stone.
Mr. Goldman climbed the stairs.
At the top, he turned around and said, “Shortly after 10 o’clock,
I was bringing the glass necklace downstairs for display.”
He pretended he was carrying the glass necklace and started down the stairs.
“Suddenly, two masked men appeared and attacked me. One of them took the glass necklace and
threw it to the floor. And the other forced me back to the safe. I was made to give him the real diamond necklace.”

“Who knows about the glass copy other than you?” asked Chief Brown.
“My store manager, Mr. Evans,” said Mr. Goldman.
“But he has been with me for 20 years. I trust him completely.”
Chief Brown turned to Encyclopedia. Encyclopedia smiled and said,
“Gee, Dad, the thief is right here.”


Mr. Goldman planned the whole thing. He hired the masked men to rob him of the glass necklace.
Remember one of the masked men threw the necklace away? If it had been glass, it would have broken on the stone floor, but the glass copy on
Mr. Goldman’s desk wasn’t broken.
So the necklace on his desk had to be the real diamond necklace.
If Encyclopedia had not solved the case, Mr. Goldman would have kept the diamond necklace and collected the five million dollars’ insurance money, too!

Lesson 9. The Encyclopedia Brown, the Boy Detective
The Case of the Stolen Diamond Necklace
case :명) 사건
stolen : 형) 도난당한
necklace : 명) 목걸이
be known as : ~로서 잘알려지다
(who is)
detective : 명) 탐정
chief: 명) 장, 우두머리
encyclopedia : 명) 백과사전
so~that ....: 너무 ~해서 ...하다
be used to 동사원형 : ~하는데 사용되다.
be used to ~ing : ~하는데 익숙하다
used to 동사원형 : ~하곤 했다
have 목적어 목보(과거분사)-수동구조
: 당하다
to부정사 부사적 용법 (목적)
-~하기위해 = in order to , so as to
seem 형용사 : ~인것 같다
be insured for ~: ~ 금액만큼 보험에 가입되어 있다.
insurance : 명) 보험
insure :동) 보험에 들다
such (a/an) (형용사) 명사
point at : ~를 가르키다
be made of ~ :~로 만들어지다
help 목적어 목적격보어(동원,to부정사)
jeweler : 명)금속상
safe : 명) 금고
간접의문문 - 의+주+동

lead A into B :A를 B로 이끌다, 인도하다
shortly : 부) 곧
downstairs ↔ upstairs
-아래층으로 - 위층으로
display : 명) 전시
pretend : ~인 척하다
start down the stairs : 계단을 내려가기 시작하다
masked : 복면을 쓴
attack : 동)공격하다
throw : 던지다
force : 동) ~을 강요하다, 억지로~하게하다
명) 물리적인 힘, 에너지
be made to ~ : ~하게 되어지다
사역동사 make의 수동형

he made me give him the real diamond necklace.
=I was made to give him the real diamond necklace.

let의 수동형 : be allowed to -~하도록 허락되어지다
have의 수동형 : be asked to -~하도록 요청받다
other than ~:~를 제외하고
현재완료 (계속): ~해 왔다
turn to ~:~로 향하다
trust : 명) 신용, 신뢰
동) ~을 신뢰하다, 신임하다
completely: 부) 완전히
hire: 동) ~을 고용하다
rob A of B : A에게 B를 빼앗다, 강탈하다
throw away : 던지다
throw A away :A를 던지다
throw away A
A가 대명사 일 경우에는 사이에 끼어야함
throw it away(o)
throw away it(x)
가정법 과거완료
-과거 사실에 대한 반대 가정
If 주어 had p.p ~, 주어 would/could/should/might have p.p~.
만약~했더라면, ~했을텐데...

If I had not been sick, I could have gone to the party.
=I was sick, so I couldn't go to the party.
=it wasn't glass, so it wouldn't break on the stone floor.
break : 동)깨지다, 깨뜨리다
= Encyclopedia solved the case, so Mr.Goldman wouldn't keep the diamond ~.
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