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Michael Corvello

on 20 April 2016

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North and Central
-north use more spices
-many nomads and traders sold goods in north Africa
-central has been using the same dishes for 200 years

Starchy staples are often served with meat, bean, or vegetable stews. Meat from livestock can be costly and where they can, families use 'bush meat' from wild animals such as monkey, antelope and wild pigs.
Favorite Foods of Africa
-meat is favored by most of Africa
- like braai leis and steak
-cavemen began to farm
-gathered vegetables
-fats came from palm oil
-the east have lots of cattle
-more dairy products
-cattle are a currency to them
-the west have more starches
-the west like their food hot and spicy
What Inspired African food
West and East
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