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Cultural Landscape Project Pt. II

No description

Natasha Shannon

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Cultural Landscape Project Pt. II

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Natasha Shannon The Wonderful World of Floyd Floyd Baptist Church Floyd County Courthouse Floyd Country Store This is arguably the most visited building in Floyd County. It is the main site of the Friday Night Jamboree, which is a perfect example of Floyd's folk culture: the local bluegrass music. Bands also play for free on the streets as long as it is not raining, and it is a very popular attraction. The country store also sells food and ice cream, so they do excellent business. Art at the Station Black Water Loft, Notebooks, and Red Rooster Coffee Roaster Floyd Farmer's Market This church is just one of many within Floyd County, which represents part of the nonmaterial culture in Floyd. The main religion is obviously Christianity, and this particular church is of the Baptist denomination. Example of a denomination The county courthouse is a main building in the town of Floyd, as all judicial proceedings take place here, including trials, driver's license ceremonies, and tax procedures. This statue is of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, a famous Civil War General of the Confederacy. This emphasizes the cultural identity that ties the courthouse, and in turn, Floyd, to the Southern states (especially since Virginia was part of the Confederacy). This is a Crooked Road sign, which is representative of the country music tradition in Virginia and in Floyd. The Floyd Barber Shop is also a very traditional place in Floyd, because it is the social gathering spot for one particular band that has been around for decades, just like the barber shop has been around for ages. The Station is a large building with a combination of little stores and art galleries. It is in the center of town, right across from the Country Store, so it attracts a lot of business. It is a perfect showcase for the material culture of Floyd, with emphasis on art. These are paintings in one of the galleries inside the Stateion. The one on the left depicts a typical old farmhouse one might see on Floyd roads. The one on the left shows a lovely fall scene, with bright leaves very characteristic of the Blue Ridge in the fall. This picture epitomizes the material culture of Floyd. It represents both the artistic community of Floyd and the musical community of Floyd. Depicted is an instrument very common among the bluegrass musicians typically featured in Floyd. Black Water Loft is a popular hangout spot for young people in Floyd; they serve excellent coffee and pastries, and many people enjoy the cozy atmosphere. As a unique coffee shop, it helps to combat placelessness in Floyd. Notebooks is a bookstore that also sells music books, puzzles, and more. Upstairs: The Loft Downstairs: Notebooks Behind the Loft and Notebooks is Red Rooster Coffee Roaster, a local, organic roasting company of fair trade coffee. They supply Black Water Loft. Being an agricultural community, Floyd has a strong farm base. The Floyd farmer's market is representative of some of the sustainable agriculture farms and partners that have formed the cooperative called SustainFloyd. This local organization organized the farmer's market, which is right in town. These booths, empty in this picture, are full of different producers' products during the market days. Jacksonville Center The Jacksonville Center for the Arts provides a valuable non-basic service for Floyd. It hosts art classes, summer enrichment programs, and numerous concerts, benefit events, and art shows. It is also representative of the art culture in Floyd. June Bug Center The Agricultural Community The June Bug Center is another valuable non-basic industry to Floyd. It is a center for performing arts, and provides many after school activities and valuable assets for programs like the Young Actors Co-op. This is a main building; there is a theater to the right inside the building. Floyd County High School This is a picture of a tractor, which is a simple enough subject, but represents the entire realm of agriculture within Floyd County. Agriculture is one of the main economic pursuits in this county. It is a strange mix of basic and non-basic industry, depending on which farm it is, because some larger operations provide jobs while other, smaller operations simply provide local food. Floyd County High School represents both education and pop culture. Education comes through the classroom, and pop culture is represented on Friday night football games at the high school field when hundreds of fans fill the stadium. *Note: I took all of these pictures
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