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Frank Underwood: Political Psychopath

No description

Zivah Solomon

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Frank Underwood: Political Psychopath

Frank Underwood: Political Psychopath?
Frontal Lobe
Frank is constantly making decisions and reasoning about the possible outcomes (and always chooses the option that best benefits him). He deems Reward higher than Risk, thus exhibiting that he seems to have an imbalance in measuring both outcomes with equal thought. One could say his judgement is very good of others and their weaknesses, but he is an awful judge of morals shown in his several under-the-table actions within the politics of Washington. His frontal lobe seems to be fully 'intact' however the functions of his frontal lobe are severely imbalanced.
GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid
Medulla Oblongata
Frank's medulla oblongata appears to be functioning just fine, but sometimes there are apparent dysunctions. His blood pressure can increase rapidly as he is under constant stress (to ruin everyone around him and give himself infinite power, I have no sympathy). Therefore, the regulation of his blood pressure can vary. He is constantly being reminded that he has not as young and spry as he once was by his wife Claire, an equally fascinating analysis case. She regularly tries different efforts to keep him healthy and be the perfect wife while he is busy building up his tyranny of power. Just like a Norman Rockwell painting!
Frank Underwood exhibits a strong hippocampus, as he is able to access memories quite efficiently in order to help promote his agenda in taking down the government. He also uses these memories against others to the disadvantage of their own lesser knowledge. Therefore, he is also very efficient in creating new memories in connection to emotions and senses. However, a negative impact may lie in connection to emotions and memory as Frank appears to exhibit little emotion other than anger and impatience on his climb to the Oval Office
GABA is a neurotransmitter that Frank appears to have in excess. Despite his daily actions that ruin people's careers, puts them in positions of blackmail, or have them facing potential death -he seems to always sleep extremely well. However, he seems to not enjoy the need for sleep, which is strange. He has little anxiety involved with what he does. In fact he enjoys his manipulative power that forces others to essentially bow down to him. But if he was originally House Majority Whip for the Democrats in Congress, isn't he all about democracy? In his words "A heartbeat away from the presidency, and not a single vote cast in my name. Democracy is so overrated." I guess not, then.
Occipital Lobe
Frank's visual processing is highly functional, as he seems to notice everything around him especially the little quirks of other people...mostly people whom he is trying to manipulate. Frank, though the essence of evil, is also extremely intelligent. He has the capability to remember many facts, especially those that he has read, as one must when there are hundreds of pages in legislative proceedings. This benefits him as he refers to them in the complicated toils of hearings and bill revisions, while planning his ultimate rule. Crafty and smart. Gee, I want you for President, Congressman Underwood!
Frank is able to focus on a task for long amounts of time, providing he benefits in the end (Hint: he always needs to benefit). This could be dysfunction, as sometimes he is so unwilling to focus on a task , he demotes it to his watchdog assistant, Douglas Stamper. exhibited when he focuses on education reform for days without relenting, he is willing to keep his attention on something for as long as he can-as long as it is useful to him. Frank is fit for his age, despite his wife's worries, and his muscles are all functioning in good order. Frank also smokes copious amounts of cigarettes. Nicotine has been researched to reveal that it increases acetylcholine activity. This could be one of the reasons contributing to his admirable attention span and fitness for his age.
Parietal Lobe
Frank is adept with his senses, and shows no vulnerability in sensory information. However, what he perceives is very skewed and though he is always trying to be ahead of others, his perceptions can sometimes be his own down fall. In this way his Parietal Lobe lacks the full use of perceptions and utilizing them.
Frank's hypothalamus is especially well developed..some might even say too well. Though he shows an incredible amount of motivation, despite how sick his motivational tendencies might be, he also exposes the more loosely controlled and collected part of his facade (plot twist-but-not-really: he is all about facade and deception). He has a very sexually aggressive affair with rank-climbing Washington Herald reporter Zoe Barnes, exposing his intense sex drive. A particularly strange custom he has is occupying a very low-key 'ribs joint' in the projects of D.C., and likes to frequent it at times like 7 A.M. His hunger level in the hypothalamus could be attributed to this baffling desire, or maybe he just really loves his ribs. For breakfast. To each his own.
It is difficult to discern whether Frank has a well functioning amygdala because he appears to show almost no emotion at any time (unless it is terrifyingly calm and ruthless anger. Oo, goody.) However, he has a mighty sense of self preservation, saving himself in front of everyone else at all costs. He is also very sensitive to his own fear, and that is what motivates him more than anything else; the fear he might not achieve what he desires. Also his lack of empathy for others (that is mostly an opinion..)
Frank has a high functioning Cerebellum. The cerebellum regulates posture, movement, and balance and also helps muscle coordination. Frank always holds himself with impeccable posture, most of the time in a stance that could be referred to as the "political power stance"-unassuming yet subtly assertive and commanding at the same time. He is adept and fast when it comes to his motor skills, especially in the case of quickly pushing someone into the way of a moving DC Metro train.
Frank Underwood, though not diagnosed within the parameters of his own life, is a psychopath. He is uncaring of others, has little empathy, shows irresponsibility for his actions in blaming them on others-which he orchestrates. What he says when he is trying hard to put on a sincere facade is the time in which he is being most insincere. He is ultimately selfish, doing everything for his own benefit and promotion. He shows signs of violence, especially in one case of a murder involving a young woman with whom he once had an affair. Underwood for President: Psychopathy's Road to the White House
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