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"Graduates: Go Make a Difference" by Adrienne Clarkson DECONSTRUCTION

Group: Josephine Ho, Ratna Emani, Keyur Patel, Aslam Saleh

Josephine Ho

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of "Graduates: Go Make a Difference" by Adrienne Clarkson DECONSTRUCTION

"One of Us" By Fredelle Maynard

Mitra and Stoll Debate on Education

Graduates: Go Make a Difference
By Adrienne Clarkson Thesis Connections with
in-class Texts Students must inspire themselves to find their passions. Audience Graduates/ Students Tone Diction Didactic Poem: Average & Ordinary Life 4 U?
By Luke Easter Text Strats (1) Allusion Methods of Development Primary: P1: reference to Star Wars to emphasize her friend John's interest and specialty in science and technology, more relatable to students as well
P7: reference to authors like Milton, Spenser, Tennyson, Browning, and Thomas, shows her extensive knowledge in literature
P14, 18: reference to Vincent Van Goh and The Synoptic Gospel, appear knowledgeable and well-experienced so students will take her advice more seriously Text Strats (2) Metaphor P3: “This was the place where fires that burned most brightly within me – and continue to this day – were fuelled in a most remarkable way.”
Clarkson compares her passion for learning with a fire, fuelled by the University, shows the influence
P9: “Even from the Appolonian reaches of his own scholarship, he saw a possibility that a light in us could be lit.”
Clarkson compares a light waiting to be lit to students who are yet to be inspired, describes Arthur Barker as inspirational, effective because the reader gets a sense of her gratitude and admiration Text Strats (3) Personification P16: “The liberal education that we received gave us gifts, both tangible and intangible, for the rest of our lives.”
Clarkson gives her education human characteristics (ability to give), reader can understand the value of an education
The knowledge and skills we pick up from education is like a gift someone gives us, encouraging us to value it more than just an object Secondary: Secondary: Biases “At the time when I was an undergraduate, there was not the tremendous emphasis that there is today on individualism…” Josephine Ho
Ratna Emani
Keyur Patel
Aslam Saleh "If you find out what is within you and you bring out what is within you, what is within you will save you..." "...the enemy of excellence is mediocrity." Ordinary teams do not win championships,
Ordinary command will cause a sinking ship,
Women won’t go shopping for an ordinary dress,
No one ever graduates taking an ordinary test.

As more than a conqueror sleeping or awake,
An over comer is always real and never a fake,
No sleep or slumber in the kingdom of heaven,
A true “Child Of The King” reins on earth 24/7.

I’m writing this poem because of yesterday,
“Ordinary, ” is what this preacher had to say,
What if Rosa Parks had lived by this phrase?
We’d be riding in the back of the bus today. Does anybody purposefully look for an ordinary spouse?
Will you seek to move into and stay in an average house?
Do you want to have & raise a family of plain ordinary kids?
Can promotion come from the average work that you did?

My brother built a pro-gas racecar with 897-horse power,
Costing thousands of dollars, working hundreds of hours,
Do you think he expects to win with plain ordinary luck?
In that case he might as well sell his car and race the truck.

One good thing about ordinary is the evil one will never attack,
The devil has already won if he doesn’t have to hold you back,
The Sun that gives earth light and warmth is no ordinary star,
Everyone could afford a Rolls Royce if it was an ordinary car.

What’s it called when you keep doing just enough to get by?
Quitting after a few failures instead of giving one more try,
Ever wonder why people only get an ordinary recompense?
They refuse to go beyond ordinary, reaching for excellence. You think academic & athletic titles are won by ordinary women or men?
Excellence isn’t born it’s developed by those who dare to be a Champion,
It takes not days, weeks nor months but years and although it might tarry,
The, “cream of the crop” will never rise to the top by just being ordinary. “And only with this stance can you even vaguely hope to make a difference.” Column 3 paragraph 4 “You must lash yourself to the mast of the values of the education received here.” Column 3 Paragraph 6 Inspirational “I hope that you, too, have found such mentors in your own studies here… who somehow changed how you saw your place in the world.” Semi-Formal “Mediocrity is very safe, very easy, and therefore to be avoided at all costs!” (Paragraph 15) “I hope that you too, have found such mentors in your own studies here-a particular scientist, a mathematician, an innovator- who somehow changed how you saw your place in the world” (Paragraph 13) “But more than that” (Paragraph 16) “. . .he saw a possibility that a light in us could be lit. And it was” (Paragraph 9) “It was a shared universe, a luminous ambience that had not so much to do with our own brilliance- although some of my contemporaries were indeed brilliant” (Paragraph 5) “ Crass and ephemeral sounds that in todays world unfortunately trumpet far and wide. Do not pay heed” (Paragraph 18) Formal Informal RSA - Education Gates & Jobs Connection to World TITLE: Graduates: Go make a difference
"I hope that you, too, have found such mentors in your own studies here" "And I will always be grateful that it was here, at the University of Toronto..." “Enemy of excellence is mediocrity”

"Joy is greatly underrated as an aspect of human life we are supposed to be serious to the exclusion of joy."
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