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Freak the Mighty Introduction WebQuest

This is an introductory WebQuest for the novel Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick.

Renae Brewer

on 26 April 2018

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Transcript of Freak the Mighty Introduction WebQuest

About the Author continued
Continue using Philbrick's website to answer all of the following questions about his life.

3. What year was he born?
4. What city was he born in?
5. What award did he win for Freak the Mighty?
Quests and Chivalry
Freak the Mighty
Introductory WebQuest

Work your way through the webquest, and follow directions. You will need to write the title of each new section, and then complete any of the activities that are highlighted in the color that matches the title.
Author Rodman Philbrick
Rodman Philbrick has written several novels and is a successful author. Go to http://rodmanphilbrick.com to visit his website and answer the following questions. You will have to use different sections for different questions.

1. What inspired Mr. Philbrick to write Freak the Mighty?
2. What are the titles of three other books written by Mr. Philbrick?
Quests and Chivalry cont.
First, go to http://chivalrytoday.com/what-chivalry/
and answer the following questions:

1. In a
, write your own definition of what the term "chivalry" means.
2. Give three examples of how someone might act in a "chivalrous" way.

Visit http://www.caerleon.net/history/arthur/page2.htm
to answer the following questions about King Arthur:

1. What task did Arthur have to complete to become King?
2. Who is Guinevere?
3. What was the name of King Arthur's castle?
Disabilities / Challenges
One of the recurring themes from the novel
Freak the Mighty
is how people can overcome challenges. Freak has a physical disability, Morquio's Syndrome, but lives his life to the fullest.
What is Morquio's Syndrome? Read from each of the following websites and make a T-chart of symptoms and complications for this syndrome.


Write a paragraph explaining what Morquio's Syndrome is, where it comes from/what is the cause of it, and how it affects people who have it.
Freak talks a lot about knights and their noble quests and acts of chivalry. He gets these ideas from legends and stories about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. In this Quest, you will be reading about these legends to build your knowledge before starting the novel.
You have completed the webquest!
Disabilities/Challenges cont.
The other main character of the novel, Max, has a learning disability.
Do some research in the following websites and write a paragraph to explain what exactly a learning disability is.
This is a broad question I know, but do some research and come to your own conclusion.

Bullying is a major issue that is tackled within the novel.
What is your definition of bullying?
Go to the following websites on bullying.
Write a
explaining what bullying is, why kids bully, and signs that you may be a bully.
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