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on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a very small country in Europe
World Map
Liechtenstein's current leader is Chief Executive Prince Hans Adam II. He was elected in 2009. The capital of Liechtenstein is Vadus, and the neighboring countries are Swizerland and Austria. Liechtenstein is land locked.
Current Leader, the capital, and Neighbors
You will not believe how small Liechtenstein is!!!! To be exact it is 61.78 square miles and 36,862 people live in that tiny place!!! The language spoken in the country is mainly German.
Size, Population, and Languages
The money in Liechtenstein is called the Franc. The weather in the summer is from 20 to 28 degrees celsius, and in the winter it snows. Here are some important products that Liechtenstein sells: small specialty machinery, connectors for audio and video, parts for motor vehicles, dental products, hardware, prepared foodstuffs, electronic equipment, and optical products.
Currency, climate, and important products
It has a very weird shape!!!!! :)
The Map of Liechtenstein
The colors of the flag are red, blue, and gold I think it's cool they have a crown on their flag.
The Flag
This is Peter Jehle he is a pro soccer player ( or as they call it, footballer ) for Liechtenstein's team. His position is goalkeeper. He is 31 and was born January, 22, 1982. I think that it is cool that a person from the little town is actually famous!!
A Very Important Citizen
Travel brochure
Liechtenstein has a successful Olympic ski team that comes home with many medals. It also has a pretty good soccer team, but sadly the team has never made it to the World Cup.
Spectacular sport
This is kasknopfle, this traditional meal is cheesy pasta, but in our words it's pretty much like mac and cheese!!
( sounds good right? )
Fabulous Food
1. Snoop Dogg, the rapper, once tried to rent the whole country of Liechtenstein for a music video!!!
2. Switzerland accidentally invaded Liechtenstein!!!
3. Liechtenstein's flag is very similar to Haiti's flag the only difference is their symbol!!!
Fun Facts

google images


The sites I used
This is a roe deer, these deer live in Liechtenstein, an interesting fact about roe deer is that they make close to a barking noise when they get frightened.
Cool Animal
Greetings from Liechtenstein!!!! Or as we say in my country "guten tag " that means hello in German! My name is Ashmi. Today I'm excited because I get to go see the fireworks at the Schloss Vaduz castle!!!!! Price Hans Adam II always does it on the 15 of August, he does it to remember his late father Fraz Josef II. You should come vist some time!
The Letter to Me
1. An attraction that draws a lot of people are the huge castles!!!!
2. Try to meet Peter Jehle and have him teach you some skill.
3. Take tons and tons of pictures by the mountain side.
4. Go see the fireworks August 15.
5. Climb Vorder Grauspitz (But make sure to bring you gloves!!)
Hope you have fun in the little country of Liechtenstein!!
Thanks for watching my prezi on Liechtenstein and I hope you learned as much as I did!!!
(Haiti's flag)
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