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The Crusher, by Niall Leonard

No description

Bilal Siddiqui

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of The Crusher, by Niall Leonard

The Crusher, by Niall Leonard
Book Review

The book 'The Crusher' is about a boy who named Finn who finds out his father was murdered. Finn goes on a quest to try and find out who the real murderer is, all while trying to avoid the cops. Hearing a summary like this, I was thinking the book would be intense, exciting and have lot of awesome plot twists. I can tell you right now, I couldn't be more wrong. I'll be going into detail about why this book, is a no-go. (Warning: The Following opinion is the opinion of nobody and therefore nobody should care. So if you go ahead and find this book entertaining, good for you, these next few slides are just of my thoughts on the book. Why are you even reading this? enjoy)
Next up, the characters. Surprisingly, they were pretty good. Each and every single character has a lot of detail put into them. You got Finn, your humble, sort of cool, main character. Finn's dad, the caring but stressed out to hell father. McGovern, the calm and collected Gang$ter. There's the guilt stricken mom, and a psychopathic guy named James (McGovern's 2nd hand man) who is obsessed with violence, and many more. Every character is well written and is important to the plot in some way....other then Zoe. A slutty school girl that acts as Finn's sex buddy. As dumb as that sounds, it's true. She literally has nothing to do with the final outcome of the plot. She's just.....there. The whole book would remain the same if she was just, taken out. Thankfully though, every other character is important in some way. However, I have on more problem with the characters. Some are just there for convenience of the plot. A handful of characters are thrown into the mix, but they are only there so they can tell something to Finn that ends up indirectly helping him on his quest. I won't spoil it too much, but think about it like this. Finn needs to figure out an important detail. Some random person pops up, they get an entire introduction, and they randomly tell Finn something that helps him realize what he needs to do next. Then, said person leaves and is never heard from again.
There really isn't much to say about the setting. It takes place in London, which works well for this book. Having been to London England before, it truly it a beautiful city, but like every big city, there's some really shady things going on behind closed doors. That's exactly what's going on in this book....well kinda. For such a huge task at hand, there is almost little to sense of danger or tension going on. But hey that might just be me. the year is not specified, but you can guess it's around the time the book was published (2012).
Plot Twists
I know it's weird to give an entire section to plot twists, but in a mystery novel, it's kind of a big deal. Most of the plot twists come at the end, as a means of trying to wrap up the book, and they do there job. But that doesn't mean it was 'good'. I was expecting some creative plot twists, but instead I got some really random ones. Not Random in a good way, random in a 'okay now the book is gonna explain for the next 5 pages how this plot twist can even make sense'. Normally, for a good plot twist, it makes sense, and in the end ties into the ending. One in particular, has nothing to do with the final ending. Low and behold, we find out it has to do with Zoe. Basically we find out that Zoe, at one point, was a sex doll for McGovern's gang, and she there are tapes of her doing the nasty. That's it. Nothing else. The chapters previous were somewhat building tension as that something big was about to be revealed, but nope. Just that. The final plot twist, the one that is supposed to blow you off your seats, is so damn obvious you can literally guess it before you read HALF the book. (I don't think Twists are big enough to get their own grade).
In this section, I will talk about Plot, which, like I said, isn't very exciting. Unless you find excitement in Finn working! Then working again! Then Working some more! But wait! There's that really awesome scene in which he breaks into his boss's office to find some clues about the murder! But that only last like 3 pages......Then he works some more! The moments that Finn isn't working, he's planning the funeral for his dad. There are action scenes, but they come few and far between. Occasionally, there are chapters in which Finn has sex with his "Girlfriend", and those chapters literally don't add anything to the plot. There just.........there. There are times where you forget that Finn actually has a mystery to solve when suddenly he runs into someone or something that conveniently puts him back on the trail for the killer. The book tries way to hard to be considered a mature book. But there's more to being a Mature book, then having a few F bombs and sex scenes.
Lastly, I'm going to talk about the themes of the book. The main theme I saw was treason. Literally every single character in the book is hiding something. Some of the things they're hiding is big, some are small, but overall the lesson Niall Leonard tries giving out is that you should trust no one. Everyone is pretty much in it for themselves. Now is that something you should be telling teens, who are finally getting a taste of the real world? I don't think so. The theme is interesting enough to keep your interest for a bit.
Finn usually chills in places like this
The Verdict
This Book had lots of potential to be a nice action mystery thriller. Instead you get a lazily written plot that will fail to keep your interest for long. If you decide to check this book out for yourself, (none of you will, so I have no idea why I'm saying this) just keep in mind, the book is god awfully boring at the start, but somewhat picks up towards the end. Oh and if you like kinky sex, this book is perfect for you! (I swear to god, if you like kinky sex scenes in BOOKS you should be ashamed of yourself. We have the internet for a reason). Overall, I didn't enjoy this book. But I finished it, so I have to give some points for that. It WILL be able to keep your interest for a short while but overall, no. This book, is a no-go. My Final Score for Niall Leonards 'The Crusher' is a....
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