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Holocaust in Film

by: Erin Bresson & Caitlyn Yost

Caitlyn Yost

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Holocaust in Film

Holocaust In Film Summary
Religious Portrayals Role of Women The Pianist - Summary Schindler's List
Sabbath prayers, light candles
Marriage Ceremony in concentration camp
Sabbath at the end of the movie with Schindler's encouragement
Altering of religious rituals
Schindlers' mitzvot
The Pianist

Picture of the Rabbi
Sense of Community among Jews, Americans
Loss of faith
Changing Kashrut in order to survive

Objectification of Jewish Women
Double Sub-human
Taken as 'Domestic Workers' for Nazi Commanders
Shower Scene in Auschwitz
Removal of children from camp The Pianist Schindler's List No main woman character to follow
Show women in the resistance
Women's roles in helping to hide Jews
Mother roles, how these were altered
Judenrat The Pianist
Advantageous Position
Direct discussion and enlistment
Showed their cooperation with Nazi officials
The abuse of Jews by Jews Schindler's List Demeaning position
Not focused on
Were not depicted as being important

Schindlers List - Summary
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