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Fall 2017 - Orientation of new students

T18 - Process versus Product; Being versus Doing (ch. 21- 22; 255-276)

Hartmut Scherer

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Fall 2017 - Orientation of new students

New Students' Orientation
Registration Day
- publications:
- bring contact info: PO Box, phone of family etc.
Steps of Registration Process
1) advisor, course selection
2) email address, student ID
uscherer@piu.edu vs. jody.sam@piu.edu
3) Dean of Students: Standards of Behavior,
Community Service, Housing Agreement
4) Fin Aid - FAFSA, scholarships
5) Business Office - contract, payments
6) Textbooks (Kindle version)
- add/drop- only in first week
- withdrawal - week 2 until the end of week 9

administrative withdrawal
- no attendance
for two weeks AND no info what is going on
- Emergency Absence Form

75% attendance is required
- Dean’s List: 5th course is free if full time on
college-level now and 3.5 GPA
- verification letters for social services from Celia
- transcripts from Joshua
complete form and submit to Urte (or me) -> we are allowed to release info
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