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Career Shadowing Destiny Reeves

No description

destiny reeves

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing Destiny Reeves

Purpose Of the company To Assist the Elderly, A Nursing
and Rehabilitation Center : For some
They are there because there families think
there too much of a big responsibility
For otheres there too sick. Where will this company
Be in 15 years?
There with still be plenty of nursing and rehab centers there will always be elders. There wont be as many sick elders because there with be a drastic advancement in medication and drugs. Employablilty Skills needed?
People Skills
-Good sense of humor(At times it can be Depressing)
-Impathy Skills-in College

Salary Per Year 28 Thousand to 33 Thousand
Education(: -High School Diploma
-4 year Degree in college
Technology Used?? -Phone
-Fax Machine

Skills Needed?? 4 year Degree in Teaching
or take college classes in Theripedic Recreation
Would i Pursue this career?? No, i wouldnt have a job working with and caring for elders.
Its a big responsiblity, Because they depend on you and sometimes you can form a relationship with some of them..which at times can be hard if they pass away or become seriously sick(may lead to death). What i like the best?? I liked How the Nurses and employees are so much and always have a positive attitude no matter how rude they can be.I also enjoyed talking to some of the elders and seeing how happy some of them became when people spend individual time with them..(: What i disliked?? -How Rude some of the elders were. The Lakeland Hills center( A nursing home
and Rehabilitation center)
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