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Expect Change in Fundraising Strategies

No description

Hayley Henriksen

on 23 June 2016

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Transcript of Expect Change in Fundraising Strategies

Get into groups of 8 - 10 people

Dream up a new fundraiser utilizing the information and tools presented

Exchange ideas, consider challenges and devise a plan of action

Designate one person to report on your groups' concept and report to the audience after 15 minutes of discussion
Peer to Peer
Expect Change in Fundraising Strategies
Major Poppy Thompson, Susan Eustice & Hayley Henriksen
The Salvation Army Central Territory – Western Division
The Changing Landscape of Fundraising and
How to Stay One Step Ahead

Trends &
Trends & Technology with
Traditional Fundraising Strategies
Tell us about yourselves and your Women's Auxiliaries

Share your fundraising successes

What are your biggest fundraising challenges?
Women's Auxiliary Fundraisers
Past and Present
Tastes and Treasures
Underwriting Tea
Giving Trends
among Boomers
"Charities looking to bolster their fundraising efforts should focus their attention on the Baby Boomers, from whom the bulk of money will come for at least the next two decades."
-Forbes Magazine, August 12, 2013
The Power of the Purse!
Women are leaders in today's
through Win-Win
Restaurant Partnerships
Social Media
Lee Rainie and Andrew Perrin,
Pew Research Center
Online donations, Emails & Event Fundraising
Tips and Tricks for Social Media
Social Media &
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