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Rick Hansen Book Talk

No description

Tess Anzai

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Rick Hansen Book Talk

Rick Hansen: A Man in Motion Presented by Rick Hansen
Scripted by Tessa Anzai Basic Info Born August 26, 1957
3 siblings
Headstrong, mischievous, individualistic kid
Hobbies -> fishing and sports
Grew up in small B.C. towns The Accident At 15
Fishing trip in Bella Coola
On way home
In pick-up truck I WAS NOT AFRAID TO DREAM The Tour Started as an idea in the back of my head
All I wanted to do was wheel around the world The tour left March 21, 1985
from Oakridge Shopping Center
Me in chair, others in motorhome The Route From Vancouver down into U.S.
Across to Europe
Down into Australia
Up into Asia
Back to North America - up east coast
Total: 24, 901.55 miles The Complications 3x23 mile wheeling sessions
Chair design malfunctions
Communication complications
Sleep deprivation
Planning issues Money problems
Legacy Fund
Publicity problems
Crossing into California
no pedestrians allowed on the freeway The End is Just the Beginning The Aftermath Money, but no planning
The Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation My Motives Made no money
Was on the Great Wall of China
Pain to push up
At beginning, tour was impossible “I believe with absolute certainty, that a person with a spinal cord injury will some day cross three frontiers:
1) An athlete with a disability will be on the Olympic Games podium with full metal status.
2) Someone with a spinal cord injury will summit Everest; another will get to one of the poles, or both.
3) A person with a disability will go into outer space as a SCI researcher into no-gravity medicine and tell the story to the entire world.”
- pg. 223 Thank You
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