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All About Me...

No description

charlotte cox-barlow

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of All About Me...

All About Me...
Where do i live?
i live in Marulan in a street called Goulburn street and that street is the calmest street you could ever live on.
Where did i go to school?
i went to school at Marullan public and they had a maximum amount of students reaching 87 students
who is in my family?
in my family i live with my Mother(Leisha), my father(Garth) and my two younger brothers(Riley and Campbell). oh and 11 other animals.
What are my Favourite things to do?
During my free time i like to play soccer, read, draw, hang out with my friends and best of all annoy my brothers.
When i grow up...
when i grow up there is many things i would like to be. But at the top of my list i would like to be a marine-biologist so i can swim with dolphins, sharks and whales so i can help them and discover more about them.
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