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Year 7 English- SMA

No description

Natalie Bou-Simon

on 20 November 2016

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Transcript of Year 7 English- SMA

Year 7 English
Comprehension activity
TEEL paragraph

Let's review the homework [TEEL paragraphs]

Learning Intention
Focusing on environmental issues and the way in which they are presented to a younger audience.
Brainstorm Prior Knowledge
What is stop-motion animation?

Review other environmental issues to focus on
Our focus for the next few weeks:
The Animation Project
Over the next few weeks you will be embarking (starting) on a journey with stop-motion animation.

You will be exploring ONE environmental theme, developing a character, working on a short film using storyboards and creating your own model of your character.

Each lesson, you will be completing different stages of this process.

Activity One: Worksheet
Fill out the first half of the 'My Stop-Motion Film' worksheet.

Activity Two: Characterisation
Watch this video and take down some notes.
Our World in Animation
In today's lesson you should have :
recapped your knowledge on SMA
revisited characterisation
started stage one of the project
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