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No description

William Loyd

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Polygons

Introduction: What are Polygons?
Polygons are closed plane figures with 3 or more sides. Polygons are shapes. They can be regular polygons like triangles or pentagons or they can be irregular polygons and have an odd or unusual form. Here are some examples of polygons:
Polygons in Our Everyday Lives
Although we may not realize it, polygons are everywhere in our everyday lives. You can see a polygon anywhere, anytime. For example, stop signs are shaped like octagons and your school notebooks have a rectangular shape. Those are just a couple of examples and if you look around right now, you will find at least ten polygons. See how much polygons appear in our lives.
Polygons and Non Polygons
Just your average polygons.
Your not so normal polygons.
Why are Polygons Important?
As I have said, polygons appear everywhere. They make up many of the things we see. If we didn't have polygons, what would the world be like. Would everything be round or have just 1 or 2 sides. Hmmm...
Polygons are cool!
Polygons are important!
Can you see the Polygons?
Polygons Rock!
Regular Polygons
By: Will Loyd
Irregular Polygons
Polygon Practice
4. Which shape is NOT a polygon?
2. Why is a circle not a polygon?
3. Is this a polygon? Why or why not?
1. What is a polygon?
5. Which shape is an heptagon? (Hint: Look for a shape with 7 sides.)
In conclusion, polygons are closed plane figures with three or more sides. There are two types of polygons, regular and irregular. Polygons are all around us, even if we don't notice them.
I hope this presentation helped you learn a lot about polygons.
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