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Geography Gr8 Presentation

Geography asignment Kyoto, Japan or Helsinki, Finland

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Transcript of Geography Gr8 Presentation

Should I Stay or
Should I Go? Helsinki, Finland References http://www.visithelsinki.fi/In_English/Visitor/Helsinki/Welcome_to_Helsinki!/Climate_and_weather.iw3







Kyoto, Japan Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is located in the far south of the country. Toronto Reasons to Stay Job Opportunities
Friends and Family
Familiar Language and Culture
Social Opportunities
Health Care / Benefits Reasons to Move High Pollution Levels
High Cost of Living
Long Commutes
High Stress Environment
High Crime Rate Pull Factors Barriers High Quality of Living
Lower Pollution Levels
Lots of Jobs
Many intresting places and things to see and do
Good Welfare
Stable economy Unfamiliar Language
Dark and Colder Winters Kyoto, Japan Kyoto is often considered "Japan's heartland" due to the fact that
most see it as the culture's mother in Japan. Pull Factors Climate Warm Summers,
averaging 15-30°C Colder Summers
Nature scenery
"Cultural Capital" of Japan
Higher wages
Hot summers
Cold winters with occational snow Barriers High Cost of Living
Unfamiliar language
High Humidity Therefore, I would move to Helsinki, Finland
because of it's employment opportunities, and
high quality of life and excellent health care and welfare. Thanks for Watching
My presentation!
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