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Türkiye Cumhuriyeti

No description

Lal Uz

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Türkiye Cumhuriyeti

Where is Turkey?
Population: 80 million
Currency: Turkish Lira (₺)
Declaration of Republic: 29 October 1923
Area of Turkey is 9 times bigger than Portugal
A Turkish breakfast
Image by Tom Mooring
Facts about Turkey
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti
Republic of Turkey

Santa Claus was born and lived in south of Turkey.

We accept calls by saying "efendim". Which means "my lord".

We adore black tea! Even in summer, we drink hot black tea many times in every single day!

First church that built on earth is in Turkey, also 7 churches which are mentioned in holy bible, are also in Turkey. We are muslim but we have very rich christianity heritage; we respect and protect them.

Turkey connects two continents; Asia and Europe. But only %3 percent in Europe.

Yoghurt (Yoğurt) is Turkish origin. And we use it in many typical meals.

In Turkish, the word for orange is "Portakal" which comes from the name of Portugal. Because in the time of Ottoman Empire, we were buying oranges from Portugal.

Turkish people are super welcoming and helpful; if you ask for an adress to somebody in street, they probably take you where you want!
Turkey is one of the 7 independent Turkish countries. Others are:
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Ottoman Empire lasted 7 centuries and was one of the biggest and most powerful Turkish empire in history.

Turkey is a contiguous transcontinental country, located mostly on Anatolia in Western Asia and on East Thrace in Southeastern Europe.
Motto: Egemenlik, kayıtsız şartsız Milletindir.
"Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the Nation"
Anthem: İstiklal Marşı (Turkish)
Independence March
Gray wolf is the symbol of Turkish nation because of myth named "myth of gray wolves". This myth showed up before the big immigration of Turkish nation from Middle Asia, it believed that Turkish nation reborn from wolves.
Capital city: Ankara (nearly 5 million)
Largest city: Istanbul (16 million)
Formal language: Turkish
Religion: %99 percent are muslim
But there is no formal religion, everyone is free to follow any religion!
Famous Places
Turkish tea and "simit". This is also a favorite breakfast way for us.
Turkish coffee.
After we drink one, a fortune teller (or someone who has talent for it) comments on our future basing on the shapes that appears in cup!
Adana Kebap
Çiğ Köfte. Which means "raw meatball". Yeah, it's really raw!
Yaprak Sarması. Grape leaves with meat and rice inside.
Ayran. It has yoghurt, water and salt in it. It is very traditional drink of Turkish people, we love to drink it generally with meals that have meat.
Şalgam. Turnip juice.
Lokum. Turkish Delight.
Americans made gumdrops (jellied candies) inspiring by this!
Rakı is an alcoholic drink, that we love to drink with melon or fish. Preferably by sea side!
Traditional Clothes
Turkey has 7 regions. Each region has it's own traditional clothing and traditional dances. They even cook some meals in different ways that changes by region. Because of this, we have very rich traditional heritages. Let's take a look at our some traditional clothes.
Traditional Dances
"Horon" Black Sea Region
"Roman" Turkish Gypsy Dance
"Harmandali" Aegean Region Dance
History of Turkish Republic
Main land of Turkish nation was actually Middle Asia. They were nomads and They were living in a kind of tent, their economy was based on livestock. Horse was the most important animal for them, they were nomadics and combatant people. They had many wars with China, and yes, China's famous "Great wall" was built because of Turkish people. Anyway, when scarcity showed up, and wars with China started to damage them, they had to immigrate from Middle Asia. And guess what happened? They spreaded all around the world. Many of them assimilated. But some of them founded new states.

Turkish nation of Republic of Turkey founded 16 states before this. Biggest and most powerful of them was the last one; Ottoman Empire. It lasted 7 centuries and they had lands in 3 contitents. They had so many different nations, people that follow different religions but they all lived in peace untill the empire started to lose power. Because policy of the state was simple and effective: indulgence. They made everyone equal in the country, they let everyone be free to follow any religion. They were sultans directing the country, which were like kings.

After World War I, our country was divided and under attacked of many powerful states of 20th century; Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy. We fought against them with Germany, but they were beaten too.
Then, our big leader showed up, gave hope and saved the country, biggest hero of Turkish people; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Atatürk is surname of him, which means "Father of Turks" and given by Turkish people.
He saved our nation and country. He was a great soldier, great politican, humanist and revolutionary. He end up war by saving our country and founded our republic in 29 October 1923.
He modernized the country, he brought republic system. It was hard to turn a monarchic country into a totally modernized republic, but he made it. That's because we respect him a lot, he is very important for Turkish people.
While many people associate Tulips with Holland, the flower was actually introduced to Holland by Turkish traders in the later stages of the 16th century. You can see motifs of the Tulip on traditional Turkish carpets
Ayasofya Mosque (originally; Hagia Sophia) was a church in the time of Byzantines Empire. After Ottoman empire got the Istanbul city from them, they turned this church into a mosque, but they kept all Jesus and Maria figures in it, because they also had many christian people in their Empire and they were respecting all believings.
Let's Learn Some Turkish!
Hello: Merhaba
Hi: Selam
Good morning: Günaydın!
Welcome: Hoş geldin
How are you?: Nasılsın?
I love you: Seni seviyorum
Goodbye: Hoşça kal
Portugal: Portekiz
by Hilâl Uzman
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