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Place Pro


Aaron Wilson

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Place Pro

Promoting cities: A review of past city promotions with new promotion ideas for Gloucester, UK. Aaron Wilson < oo Dear AND > > > > > Matt Jestico > > How can Place Promotion be used to address
contemporary issues in Gloucester Purpose of the Project Who is producing the Project Intended Audiences How will the project acheive its aim? But first a little info on Place Promotion >>> Towns, cities, regions, countries
It is not a new practice; however it has grown substantially in the past two decades
Competing for:

Relocation and retention of business
Attract investment
Major sporting events
Accolades and competitions
Types of Promotion: Leaflets, booklets & brochures
Overuse of a ‘heritage’ theme
Not recognising the diversity of the population
Different languages and religions
Expensive and ineffective
Local geography/environment
Describing places as unique without any justification
Criticisms of past promotions Example of Critisms > > Improving place promotion Cannot be an ‘add-on’
Integration of public & private sectors
Working with professionals from different disciplines and backgrounds
Right tools for the job
Community participation
> Gloucester’s Place Promotion

With aims of boosting economic activity and increasing social welfare in the city
> Promoting Gloucester Sustainable development
Catering for all audiences
Recognising diversity
Various groups having input to the promotion
Produced by Gloucester Marketing Ltd
> Gloucester’s Problems > Crime
Increasing and ageing population
Decline in economic activity
< Using place promotion to address and solve deprivation in Gloucestershire < < < < < < < < < < Reducing Gloucester’s Problems Using a strategy such as the one currently used by GHURC

Community Engagement Information
Reasons for focusing on Community Engagement > Benefits of Community Engagement Fewer outsiders involved in the process
Neighbour information passed on at a grass roots level
Passing on their skills to others
Developing facilities people will use, making them sustainable in the long term
Developing skills which could lead to employment
Output from our promotion Various leaflets in different languages
Advertisement in papers
Multi-language website
References Gloucester Heritage Urban Regeneration Company (2009) Community Engagement Strategy, Revised. GHURC.

Murray, C. (2001) Making sense of place: new approaches to place marketing. Gloucestershire: Comedia Publications.

O’Rourke, T. (2006) Area Regeneration framework. GHURC.
But it takes more than a catchy slogan to change
a city's identity. As Detroit and Las Vegas
have learned, brands only resonate if they reflect
the location's true character. leads to community empowerment’ strong, active and inclusive communities’ through the inclusion of residents in local decision making. Changes to current Gloucester
guide: Sponsorship and inclusion of Parish Council

Recognise the community events

Changes community have made for the Urban regeneration scheme

Advertise case studies of the improvements

Advertise the community, highlighting devolving powers

Other Cities:
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