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pittsburgh's food truck laws

No description

matt barron

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of pittsburgh's food truck laws

food truck
laws if food and drinks are prepared on the vehicle:
one, two, or three bowl sink
hand washing sink
food prep surfaces
shelving at least 6" off floor
exhaust system for grease cooking allegheny county rules permitting process city of pittsburgh rules operations city of pittsburgh rules county health dept 412.578.8044

city business licensing 412.255.2858

bureau of building inspection 412.255.2175

councilman peduto's office 412.255.2133 important contacts:

operate from a commissary or fixed facility
commissary has current and valid permit
if in private home, needs separate food prep area
means for disposal of sewage from mobile food unit step one: obtain business license from city

step two: obtain permit from county health dept

step three: initiate permit process with city

step four: gather info required under sections 701.08 and 719.03 (see handouts)

step five: pay for and obtain permit ($500.00/year, $65.00/additional employee)

max time in one location 30 minutes

min distance from shop selling similar goods 500 feet

min distance from permitted event w/out written permission 100 feet (farmers market, arts fest, etc.)

restricted hours: 9pm to 7am in residential area; 12am to 6am in business district health dept
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