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The Second Red Scare 2

By: Nicole Tmecherur

courtney green

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Second Red Scare 2

The second RED SCARE McCarthy's Fall After winning election in 1952, he began to go after
the republicans. In 1954 he attacked U.S. army because he thought it was
permoting communist His senate hearing was telvised and his anti-communist
message spread widely The public viewed his tactics as unfair and his
career would soon fade away The Rise of McCarthyism Joseph mc carthy: U.S. Senator who visited Wheeling, West Virgina to deliver a speech about communism. Claiming their were 205 communists working for the the United States. McCarthy became the nations top communist fighter. McCarthy made many changes that wern't backed up with evidence that spreaded fear to the people. This was called McCarthyism In the 1950 election, McCarthy faced Millard Tydings. McCarthy produced fake photos to show tydings was head of the communist party and Tydings was head of the communist party and Tydings was easily defeated. McCarthyism quickly soread and thousands of people were fired accros the U.S. for political reasons. BY : Spy Cases Helped establish the United Nations and was accused of being a Soviet Spy in 1948 he was later charged with prejury involving the case in 1950. Klaus Fuchs: Alger Hiss: Helped work on the atomic bomb and early modles of the hydrogen bomb. He was convictied of spying on the USSR in 1950 about the atomic bomb during and after the war he was sentenced to 14 years in prison. ethel and Julius rosenberg: They were american communists who were passing documents about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union they were executed for there espionage and were the first citizens to be executed in America. The Smith Act The Smith Act was established in 1940, the act made it illegal to call for the overthrow of the government or belong to an organization that does so. Anyone breeaking this law will be fined under this title or be imprisoned for not more than 20 years. In 1949 President Truman used the Smith Act against the communists
Eleven communist leaders were charged.

Many of these trials drove a steak into the heart of the communist party and all organizations that they had been active and influential in. The Investigation on Communism Since the 1930s, the House of Representatives had a committee called "The House of Un-American Activities" or the HUAC

The Job of the committiee was to investigate all radical groups within America over time it became mainly targeted at possible threat of Communism in America

The HAUC began an investigation in 1947 starting with the American Film industry.

They Collected names ofHollywood writters & directors who were thought tobe potential communists.

When called before the HUAC, 10 people refused to answer questions about their thoughts and beliefs or given names. The were found guilty of contempt and put in jail for a year, they became known as the hollywood 10. Truman & Loyalty Growing Fear of Communism In 1944 two events added greatly to the nation's anxiety

First was the discovery that the Soviet Union possesed an Atomic Weapon.

Second came the news that the communists had gained control of China.

Later Truman announced to the public that the Soviet Union had detenated an Atomic bomb for testing.

Soon after President Truman sought out to strenghten the nation's military against any possible Soviet threat. The Threat of Communist China CHIANG KAI-SHEK was the leader in World War II, soon after he lost his power to the communist China and fled to Taiwan.

Now China was under a new Communist leader MAO ZEDONG.

And now with China taken over and deafeated, Japan withdrew, and with this oppurtuinity China gain control of the large northern area. The public fear of communism put pressure on the American Leaders. the American leaders and the american leaders didn't want to appear weak when dealing with communism.

President Truman wanted to take action because he heard claims form congress that communists were working within the federal government.

Thus Truman created a new plan for ensuring the loyalty of all federal employees.

And under this plan, all federal employees would be investigated, those found disloyal to the U.S. could be banned from the federal employment.

The investigations were troubling to some Americans, but it made clear that the Truman administration was serious about fighting Communism. The McCarran Act Pat McCarran was the Chairman of the senate, and established the McCaren Act

The McCarran Act requried communist orgaizations to register with the government.

This Act established a special board to nvestigate communist involvement

They were called "Red Squads".

This Act made it illegal to plan a creation of dictatorship.

It kept the communists or the other radicals from coming to the U.S.

Truman vetoed the bill because it went against the Bill of Rights.

This law was made to lift the secercy from the communist party and it fronts The End Hahaha!!!! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0rNL4vqkK0 Cause of The Red Scare As Communist spread eastern Europe, Americas worried it would enter the U.S After WWII, the soviet union tested on ATOMIC BOMBS
Clerk named Igor Gouzenko left the Solivet Embassy with documents revealing massive effort by the Solivet Union to infiltrate organzations and govenment agentceis in Canada and the United States, with a specific goal of obtaining information of the atomic bomb
Americans are shocked and panic arises - the second red scare Duck and Cover Drills Nicole Tmecherur, Courtney Green, and Maria Renteria
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