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Steps to Creating a Hovercraft

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Nicole Jones

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Steps to Creating a Hovercraft

Step 1: Materials In order for you to make a hovercraft, you will need to supply yourself with the following supplies:
1.) 1 roll of 3M duct tape
2.) Power saw
3.) A trash bag or shower curtain
4.) 1 or 2 sheets of ply wood
5.) Wood screws
6.) Power sander or Sandpaper
7.) Hair Dryer or Leaf Blower
8.) Cardboard By Brittany Jones, Mia Campbell, and Evan Conder Steps to Make a Hovercraft Step 2: Construction of the Base In order to have a quality hovercraft you need a stable and well constructed base. Usually a circular base is used because it has the best results, but you may try using others shapes for your base. You'll need to cut out a circular shape out of the ply wood. You can decide how large or small you want your base to be. After you cut your base, using the power saw, use the power sander (or sandpaper) to smooth out the edges of your base. Step 3: Finishing Base Construction In order for your hovercraft to hover, you'll need to cut out a hole according to the object of your choice. (hair dryer or leaf blower) Be sure to measure the circumference of your power sources main extract point. Then cut a hole the same size in your base. Be sure NOT to cut your hole in the center of the base, but somewhere off to the side. This is very important. Step 4: Trash Bag Now, the trash bag is another very important item. You'll need to wrap the trash bag around the base of your hover craft. Then you'll need to use cardboard and staples keep the trash bag around the edge of your base. Be sure that there's a bit of overlapping when your stapleing it down, so that no air will escape. Step 5: Weight Balancer In order for your hovercraft to be successful and avoid tipping over, you will need to cut out another cylinder proportional to the entire base. Once you have the smaller cylinder cut out, you'll need to put duct tape over the entire center of the base on the trash bag. And once your entire base is covered you'll screw down the weight balancer over the duct taped center. You put duct tape on the the trash bag so that when you screw down the small cylinder, the trash bag doesn't rip.
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