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Copy of Probe Project-Ariana Grande

This is for my probe project.I chose Ariana Grande

Scarlet Clough

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Probe Project-Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande:) American singer/Actress She is Italian! She is half Sicilian and half Abruzzese. She took on acting at 13. She was on Broadway at age 15. That's what made her discovered. She is now Cat on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious! Ariana Grande was born June 26th 1993! Most recently,She was signed to Universal Records for her famous covers and hit single Put Your Hearts Up! She was born Ariana Joan Grande-Butera. Her parents are Joan and Edward Butera! HER ACTING CAREER Shes know for her firey locks but she only dyed them for Victorious! Her hair was black and curly!!!!!! Her Hair! Shes featured on Winx club as Princess Diaspro.
Shes also on Victorious as Cat! But sadly Season 3 is the last :( but she'll be on Sam & Cat with Jennette McCurdy! The Cast:
Liz Gillies,Daniella Monet,Leon Thomas,Avan Jogia,Victoria Justice,Ariana :),Matt Bennet! She also appeared on Iparty with Victorious With Icarly mixed in with Victorious! ARIANA IS GENEROUS! At age 10 she co-founded the youth singing group Kids Who Care with preformed at charities to raise money! In 2009 she went to South Africa and preformed and taught dancing to children. IN 2008 SHE PLAYED TO CHARLOTTE ON THE BROADWAY MUSICAL 13. SHE WON THE NATIONALYOUTH THEATRE ACCOSIATION AWARD. WHEN SHE JOINED THE MUSICAL SHE HAD TO LEAVE SCHOOL. SHE WAS TUTORED ON SET. THE SCHOOL SENT THE MATERIALS! BROADWAY!!!!! She was also cover girl for girls life!!!! Ariana was featured in Dream Magazine as the cover girl! She appeared on Greyson Chances Music Video For UNFRIEND YOU as his ex girlfriend in 2011. MUSIC VIDEO APPEARENCES She also is on most of the Victorious Music Videos including All I Want For Christmas IS you and Leave it all to Shine. The show is about two roomates. They start a babysitting buisness. They start the buisness for there income. It will be a buddy sitcom. Her co-star is Jennette McCurdy! SAM AND CAT!!!! She appears on the current 2 Victorious cds and will apear on the third when it comes out. She has 3 current singles and a great partner single with Victoria Justice. The songs are Do you love me, Only shorty, LA boys and Put your hearts up. MORE SINGING!!!! <--- La Boyz put your hearts up 3rd Victorious album SHE ALSO DOES SOME REALLY GOOD COVERS OF GRENADE AND OTHER SONGS!!!!! SHE DOES COVERS ALSO! Ariana has befriended may people on her Hollywood journey but one friend is so close to Ari's Heart. Her name is Alexa Luria. They have been Bffs a very long time! They even went to New York together. HER BFF Ariana has an older brother. His name is Frankie James Grande. They are really close! Many people think her brother looks like Ryan Seacrest. Ariana and Frankie are there for each other when they most need each other. her brother Ariana grande has a big house! Her house is 100 years old. She has a shoe and poster collection. She lives with her parents and Frankie!!!!!! She even has a home office! She keeps fan letters on her fridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HER HOUSE IS SOOOOO BIG!!! her house Theres a YouTuber named Keenan Cahill. He lipsings songs very wierdly its funny! So Ariana and Victorious Castmates: DAniella Monet and Matt Bennett decided to meet him. They even made a video with him. They did I Want You Back by Jackson 5. Keenan even met Arianas brother. ARIANA WITH SOME CASTMATES AND KEENAN CAHILL ARIANA IS AN AMAZING, INTERESTING PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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