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Able Tesfaye/The Weeknd

No description

Dagmawi Yoseph

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Able Tesfaye/The Weeknd

The Weeknd
Connection with Able.
The connection i have with Able is that his ethnic background is Ethiopian. I am an Ethiopian and we were both born in Scarborough Ontario, Canada. We both like to play basketball and were both athletic.
The Weeknd/Able Tesfaye was born on February 16, 1990 Scarborough, Ontario. He is an only child. Able dropped out of high school at the age of 17 and now he is a Singer, Songwriter and a producer. His Genres are PBR&B. He started his career in 2010 and already is popular. His associated act is Drake. Drake is a multi-millionaire in the rap business. I thought it would be good for Able and Drake to make songs together and they did so. When Able was younger his dad was never around. His mom was constantly working. His grandmother was taking care of him as he grew up. His grandmother taught him Amharic like English and now he speaks fluent Amharic.
Importance's/Contributions made
The Weeknd is important because of the way he flows thru his music. Other than the fact that he is Ethiopian i never heard a song with his flow. I think it is really original. And that's what makes him very popular. Like this song, it hit 33 milion views and it was posted 2 years ago. It's called Wicked Games.
Today i have made a connection about Able and Derron Williams
100 years from now..
100 years from now I don't think Able will be remembered but i think he will be known in Japan for his music videos like belong to the world he shot the video in Japan and I think through his life he will make more videos in Japan and have concerts in Japan etc.., Ethiopia for his music like the knowing is about Ethiopia and Haile Selassie so he will also be remembered there, so he will be known defenetly in Ethiopia and Japan.
Background Information
First song i heard from The Weeknd
Did You Know?
1. Did you know that Able dropped out of highschool when he was 17.
2. Did you know that Able's mom goes to the same church I go to.
3. Did you know that when Able was younger he wanted to be a track runner for 400m.
4. Did you know that Able is associated by Drake.
5. Did you know that Able lives in Japan because he finds it different from other countries.
- They both love Japan.
- When they were young they both went to citys for different events on the same year for track and field.
- They usto love wrestling when they were both young.
- They love to play basketball.
- There both a fan of Apra music.
Interesting facts
- He has his own record label.
- He is of Ethiopian descent.
- His first performance was at The Mod Club
- His music was featured in Entourage.
- He only communicates with Twitter.
- He apologized to his fans for signing with a major.
- He was nominated for the Sound of 2013 poll.
- He is friends with Drake
5 questions
Q- Where did you get the name The Weeknd?
A- I got the name The Weeknd after dropping out of highschool at the age of 17 along with a crew member "left one weekend and never came home." So i decided to get the name "The Weekend" but it was copyright from the band The Weekend, So ive decided to use The Weeknd instead.
Q- How many concerts have you done?
A- Ive done 7 concerts and they've all been 18+ because it's a smaller crowd. I don't like doing it in bigger crouds because it's too much for me to handle. With all the fans screaming i can't keep up with my music.
Q- How many awards have you been nominated for, and how many have you won?
A- In 2011 ive been nominated for House of Ballons for the Canadian Polaris Music Prize, 2012 ive been nominated and won for Wicked Games for too much .... for T.V, ive also won awards for myself for Best Web-born Artist, Breaking Woodie, and Solo Artist of the Year. I do have more but that's enough.
Q- What are your Labels?
A- My Labels are XO, Republic.

Q- If you had to choose a favourite song what would you choose?
A- I would choose all of them because without them i wouldn't be able to make it this far.
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