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The House of cards

The causes of World War 1 in a different format

Mark Riggall

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of The House of cards

The House of Cards

Lesson objectives-
To be able to explain who lives in the house of cards
To be able to identify how the house members get into a fight.
What i'm looking for- You to be able to correctly identify the points that cause conflict and how this leads to a big fight.
Meet the housemates
The house of cards is a strange, isolated house. Most of the people who live there are old, and have known each other for a long time. The housemates do not trust each other, and are constantly trying to be better and more powerful than the rest of the people in the house. The house is surrounded by a beautiful, massive garden. Some members of the house have no garden, while others have lots. The people in the house want as much of the garden as they can get their hands on, and will do anything they can to get some of it.
Brian is very proud, and he looks down at all of the other housemates. He is big and still quite strong, but he is old. Brian owns most of the garden, and he does not want to share it with anyone! His room is difficult to get into, and he has little to do with the other members of the house.
Francis used to be the most important person in the house, but has had problems recently. Forty years ago Geri beat Francis up in a fight and stole Francis’s walk-in-cupboard. As a result Francis hates Geri, and wants her cupboard back at all costs. On the bright side, Francis still owns a large part of the garden.
Geri used to be weak and was bullied by Francis many many years ago. More recently Geri has been working out, and has become very fit and strong. She is very jealous of Francis and Brian because she does not own much of the garden. Geri is determined to get more of the garden, even if it means taking it from Francis or Brian.
Austin was once big and strong but is quite old and weak. He is very proud and wants to extend his already large room into Otto’s room. If Austin cannot have Otto’s room he is determined to stop Russell getting it. Austin is Geri’s cousin. They are really close, in fact you could say they speak the same language.
Russell is the biggest person in the house, and therefore had the biggest room. Russell is really unfit and is really slow whenever he decides to do anything. Russell has the potential to be really strong if he could get himself organised, and stop living in the past. Russell hates Austin and desperately wants Otto’s room.
Otto is the ‘sick man’ of the house. He is very, very old and he finds it extremely difficult to look after his room, and his part of the garden. Otto knows both Austin and Russell want his room and his garden, and swaps sides whenever arguments between Austin and Russell break out.
The child
The child is the youngest and weakest member of the house. The child looks to Brian for protection from her ‘frightening’ neighbours. She always stays out of arguments whenever they occur.

1. Re-read the story. Make a list of who hates who and why?
2. What are housemates likely to argue about?
3. If a big argument broke out and the house was split into two groups who do you think would be in each group?
4. Who is most likely to start a fight in the house? Explain your answer.
5. Write a story explaining how the house ends up in a big fight. (HINT- the first person involved is Austin!)
The Triple alliance and Triple Entente were both alliance agreements that bound its members to each other if a war broke out. If two of its members got into a fight, ALL members would get into a fight.
Lesson 3- The Schlieffen plan
Lesson objectives-
To be able to explain how Britain joined the First World War
To be able to analyse sources and use this information to answer questions on the past

Lesson 2- Why did the First World War start?

Lesson objectives-
To understand what each of the causes of the First World War was
To be able to define the causes into two groups, long-term and short-term
To be able to rank the causes by overall importance
How is the start of the First World War like the image below?
Recap- Organise the following European countries into
the two sides, fighting in the First World War

Triple Entente Triple alliance
Great Britain
The Ottoman Empire
Recap- Organise the following European countries into
the two sides, fighting in the First World War

Triple Entente Triple alliance
France Austia-Hungary
Great Britain The Ottoman Empire
Russia Germany
Alliance system
Competition for Empires
Assassination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand
Competition for Empires
Alliance system
Alliance system
shh im hiding here
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