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The Importance of Mni

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kenith franks

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of The Importance of Mni

The Importance of drinking Mni
Mni is important to our body in a lot of ways
It is the main building block that our body needs in order to keep it healthy and functioning properly. Dehydration happens when the body doesn't get enough water. I think this is one of the problems here on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
I did a survey, randomly asking people around me, how much oz of water they intake daily..
The amount of water that we should intake depends on our body weight, and also the amount of exercise that is being done. Since our bodies are made up of more then half water, we need to intake about half our body weight.
The average adult male body is made up of about 60% of H2o.
This is due to the male body generally being bigger. Males also typically have faster metabolism.
Take body weight and divide by 2, this will tell how much ounces of water needed daily.
The average adult female body is made up of around 55% of water.
This is smaller than men because women generally have smaller bodies.
The % of American people who are dehydrated
is 75% (based off average of 8-10 cups daily)
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