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Latin American Independence

This is a prezi on the independence of Latin American Independence.

Sayem Hoque

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Latin American Independence

Latin American Independence Mexican Independence He is watching over South American Independence There were numerous wars of independence in Spanish America starting in 1806 Simon Bolivar played a key role in the
independence of South
America from Spain encouraged democratic ideas for government was inspired by the American and French
revolution, was against Slavery Effects of independence The economy of South America improved, as they exported raw materials and imported finished goods Slavery is abolished in most countries, on its way to being abolished in others Governments are unstable, because they are new, state of Gran Colombia breaks apart within 15 years Jose de San Martin, another liberator built a naval fleet to help fight the spanish navy when they arrived. "the liberator" Lasted from 1810-1821, led by Mestizos (Mexican born Spainards) who wanted independence from the Spanish Empire Saw injustice done to the poor Miguel Hidalgo Rounded up rebels to go and rebel against
the Spainards Adopted the Virgin of Guadalupe as their
symbol as they marched toward Mexico city once the army had 80,000 people and was ready to attack Mexico city, Hidalgo retreated
Many historians say he retreated because he wanted to spare the citizens of Mexico City Hidalgo was eventually stripped of his priesthood, found guilty, and executed on July 30. He is seen as the father of his country,
for starting the war of Mexico's
Independence Creoles wanted free trade which would
benefit their plantations the end
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