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Amazing Alpine Skiing

No description

lis lab3

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Amazing Alpine Skiing

Amazing Alpine Skiing
By Ava Cohen
This sport began in Norway.
This sport was first introduced in the Olympics in 1936 in Garminsh-Partenkirchen.
The goal of the sport is to not run into trees and not to fall down.
Some things people say while doing this sport are
ski lift , footbed ( the sole of the ski), pizza, french fries, black diamond .
the eqitment you
You can do this sport anythere with snow and steep hills.
The equipment you need to play ths sport are ankle high boots, heavy clothes, skis made from plastic, helmet, poles, and goggles.
Bioagraphy: Franz Pfnur was the first Olympic winner for Alpine skiing. He was born in Berchesganden, Gremany. He was born in November 21, 1908 and died in September 1996. He was born in Germany and passed away in Germany.
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