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No description

Hannah Leigh Joy Foster

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of France

Communication Characteristics
- Confrontation
- High pressure behaviour
- Projective cognitive similarity
Acceptable Public Behavior
Business Attire
Meetings and Presentations
- Calm
- Composed
- Patient
- Logical

During a negotiation stall, provide:
- A new aspect
- Stance
- Information
Business Negotiation in France
Negotiation- The process of discussion between two or more parties intended at reaching a mututally acceptable agreement
- Many levels
- Strong emphasis on hierarchy
- Decisions made at highest levels without consideration of subordinates

- Fewer levels
- Decisions made with consultation of subordinates (group decisions)
- Short lines of communnication
- Dislike being rushed into decisions
- Prefer to focus on quality of discussions rather than speed
- Business is conducted slowly
- Carefully analyse every detail and risk

- Prefer to conduct business quickly, efficiently and effectively
- More laidback approach to business
- Prefer not to dwell on small details

Be prepared for:
- Polychronic work styles
- Heated debates and discussions
- Displays of unwillingness to compromise
- Rediscussion of previously agreed upon items
- Change of focus mid-dicusssion
- Interruptions

Hofstede's and Trompenaar's Value Dimensions
Conversations and Networking

French Fashion
French Cuisine
French art
PELT Environment
Stable political environment

Stagnating economy environment

Civil law system

Imporving information technology environment (National Network of Software Technologies)
Seven dimensions of culture
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