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Extreme Makeover, Website Edition: Creating a Preview for the MedlinePlus Redesign

Yani Yancey's NLM Associate Fellowship Presentation


on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Extreme Makeover, Website Edition: Creating a Preview for the MedlinePlus Redesign

Methods Results Yani L. Yancey Project Leaders:
Naomi Miller & Loren Frant Agenda Background
Lessons Learned
Questions Background Goals Lessons Learned Preview Communciate the goals of the redesign

Highlight new features

Publicize & familiarize

Solicit feedback Redesign Create a fresh and exciting new look and feel

Distinguish between English and Spanish M+

Enhance branding

Simplify navigation to accommodate current user behavior

Incorporate valuable suggestions
Environmental Scan 10 previews

4 formats: beta release, static HTML pages, video, email

3 common elements: overview, screen captures, feedback Video Dynamic

New MedlinePlus video tour Pros Cons Software challenges

Appeal to audience

508 compliance Screen Captures May 10, 2010
May 17, 2010 MLA Debut May 21, 2010!!! Static HTML Pages Pros Previous experience

Easily replace images

Users set the pace Designing the Preview 6 main pages: Overview, Homepage, Health Topic, Drugs & Supplements, Videos & Cool Tools, and Homepage Comparison

4 MedlinePlus en español pages

Printable PDF version

Comment submission box (Siebel)

Powerpoint Mockups Teamsite and the MedlinePlus Input System Friday May 21, 2010 Acknowledgments 2000 2002 2010 How I learned to stop worrying and love CSS JavaScript was a different story How the greybox javascript library works... in MedlinePlus ERROR! Photoshop The Premiere Questions? Recommendations Publicity The Preview Web Traffic 5/21/10 - 7/9/10

15,291 page views

Overview page ranked in the top 1,000 English MedlinePlus
pages AddThis Comments Feedback: Categories and Reactions New feature in MedlinePlus redesign

53 shares, most often to Facebook and Twitter 375 total comments Impact on Final Design Comments: the good, the bad, and the "it's ugly" What am I? Go Local Creating a Preview for the MedlinePlus Redesign Featured Site Videos & Cool Tools NIHSeniorHealth & Clinical Trials Link on MedlinePlus Homepage

Medical Library Association Meeting

Messages to CAPHIS & MEDLIB-L Listservs

Message to RMLs

Facebook and Twitter posts

MedlinePlus through the years Martian in a blue bathrobe An 'M' and a + ? hockey jersey pagina especial-
para medicos si existe agradesco me informen
el link el nuevo duseño
es atractivo y esos
grandes apartados
son fabulosos
Existe una It looks like
every other consumer
health website...At least
the purple was memorable... I
thought the old look was
better. Leave it alone!
This site is too

1999 User Requirement on the NLM Wiki

Initial reaction to the redesign

Design Features Design Process Beta Disclaimer "Starting in 2010, the National Library of Medicine and its partners are phasing out the MedlinePlus Go Local project."
Crop, but explain Health Topic page as it appeared in the preview Health Topic page as it appears in MedlinePlus Incorporate beta language Reinforces that the user is seeing an unfinished preview version Inform users about discontinued features Continue using previews The idea of a preview was a great idea. It gives people time to adjust and also provide feedback. The redesigned M+ looks great! And I really appreciate this thoughtful way of introducing it. Showing me
where my favorite
sections of the page are moving to helps to better prepare for the change. Looking forward to using
the redesigned site. Teamsite MedlinePlus input system
Upload HTML, CSS, JavaScript files Upload images View pages Promote + Production Server Promote How the greybox javascript library works Homepage Comparison http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/preview English: 369

Spanish: 6 A person wearing scrubs? A few other interpretations "Click here to see the full page." I have to
say I'm disappoint-
ed. As a professional, I
always hate it when gover-nment sites dumb them-
selves down to appeal
to the average
This epitomizes the
best in health infor-mation websites by any criteria & will no doubt
score big with the
general public. The National
Library of Medicine &
NIH tag at the top adds credibility. Nice to see
my tax dollars at
Please keep the comparison page active for a while for
library patron
instruction. Naomi Miller and Loren Frant

Health Information Products Unit-- Nancy Morell & Jennifer Jentsch

OCCS-- Dianne Sun

Melanie Modlin and Shana Potash

Loren Frant-- Preceptor

Lisa Boyd and Angela Ruffin

Dr. Lindberg, Betsy Humphreys, Sheldon Kotzin, and Becky Lyon

Kathel Dunn, Jason Broadway, Sally Sinn, and my fellow Associates

Much better!
Much more appealing
to consumers &com-petitive with the look of other popular consumer
websites! Appears
easier to navigate.
User friendly... Clean,
crisp.... Excellent! Very intuitive & easy to use.
Thanks! consumer. "It is very important that you understand the preview site is not 100% accurate and should not be taken as final updated content." "In the interest of simplification, we've removed the 'Archive' tab from home which showed you your own updates. The reason is, it showed you the same stuff you see on your own profile page, it was oddly named, and people rarely used it."
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