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Ellen Hopkins Banned Books

No description

Katherine D.

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Ellen Hopkins Banned Books

Ellen Hopkins≥has written many young adult books that contain "edgy" content and "inappropriate" topics. Some of her titles include Impulse, Crank, Fallout, and Identical. Her books, primarily Crank, have been targeted with bans and challenges throughout the years. Ellen Hopkins Most of Ellen Hopkins books have been challenged, and some have been banned. Ellen Hopkins' books tend to deal with real life and difficult situations. Challenges I asked Ellen Hopkins through twitter if Impulse had ever been banned, and she said that most of her books almost always stay on the shelves. Self Harm Edgy Content And Reasons For Challenges Rape Inappropriate Relationships Drugs Profanity Sex/Underage Sex Our Books Impulse Identical Impulse is about three teenagers who meet in a psych hospital after each of them attempt committing suicide. Vanessa is very moody and self harms to deal with it. Conner had a perfect life and couldn't take the pressure from his cold mother and had inappropriate relations with his teacher. And Tony turned to drugs when there was no one else to turn to. It does deal with difficult topics that are for mature readers. The End These books deal with topics that teenagers might find difficult to read. But, this book may be important to those teens who are struggling with these obstacles. Marijuana Eating Disorders Identical is about two teenagers, Kaleigh and Reanne, who are identical twins. Ever since she was little, Kaleigh has been sexually abused- by her father. Reanne struggles with the feelings of unnacceptance and hate, and Kaleigh feels like she can never have a successful relationship with a boy, the boy she loves, because of her father. Alcohol Abuse Mental Illness Teen Pregnancy / Abortion Her book, Crank, was number four most challenged book of 2010 because it deals with drug addiction and sexually explicit situations. In the 2009-2010 school year, Ellen Hopkins' books, including Burned, Crank, Glass Identical and Impulse, were all challenged in a public school in Texas. They all stayed in the library, but the books were taken off of the required reading list. Should It Stay on the Shelves? In our eyes, these books belong more in a high school library. The content could be considered inappropriate for kids in 6th, 7th grade and even some 8th graders. These books seem to put an almost positive spin of alcohol and drugs. It never deals with them in a bad light. There is however value to these books as teens and young adults should be aware of these issues and the effects of some of the choices that these characters face. "Careful not to probe
too deeply, draw too much attention,
I insert it just below the skin,
of my right wrist, down
into a single blue vein.
Oh God! Not enough!
Easy now, right to left,
vein to vein, connect.

Example of self harm from Impulse Life has gotten better-or at least more bearable- since I was introduced to my good friend Marijuana...
I love the way the thick smoke tastes,
curling across my tongue, snaking down my throat.

Example of drugs/Marijuana from Identical
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