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Julie Zhang & Ana Marques

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Julie Zhang & Ana Marques

Harold Christ, Agerholm
Harold Christ, Agerholm showed honor by volunteering and evacuating 45 wounded casualties all by himself in the midst of vigorous battle with utter disregard for his own safety.
Harold Christ, Agerholm showed sacrifice when he risked his own life during intense rifle and mortar fire to help other wounded soldiers get evacuated safely.
Harold Christ, Agerholm showed patriotism by evacuating 45 casualties and saving soldiers for his country with selflessness. The fact that he is fighting for the U.S. shows patriotism because he is fighting for our country and everything he did in battle helped our country.
Harold Christ, Agerholm showed valor because he was courageous in the face of danger and he bravely evacuated 45 casualties individually for over three hours before he was mortally wounded.
Julie Zhang & Ana Marques
Harold Christ Agerholm
Joe E. Mann
Medal of Honor Recipients
Joe E. Mann
Rank: Private First Class

Born:July 22,1922
Born:January 29, 1925
Rank: Private First Class
Organization: U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
World War II
*Battle of Tarawa
*Battle of Saipan
Medal of Honor
Purple Heart
Harold Christ, Agerholm
Joe E. Mann
Harold Christ, Agerholm
Harold Christ, Agerholm
Harold Christ, Agerholm
Medal of honor
Purple heart
Bronze Star
Died: September 19, 1944 (Age 22)
Joe E. Mann displayed honor by risking his life & totally disregarding great danger, remaining in an exposed decision, killing enemy one by one.
Joe E. Mann

Died: July 7, 1944 (Age 19)
Joe E. Mann sacrificed his life by jumping in front of a grenade to save others.
Joe E. Mann
Joe E. Mann displayed patriotism by showing great gallantry in the war. He fought for his country.
Joe E. Mann
Joe E. Mann displayed valor by throwing himself in front of a grenade to save and protect others. It was a heroic move as he risked his life for his comrades.
Fought in World War II
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