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General Testing Overview and Manual Study

Intro to Manual for Trainings

Allison Susel

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of General Testing Overview and Manual Study

2013-2014 General Testing Overview and Manual Study
Kathy Clawson and Allison Susel
District Test Coordinators
Anchorage School District
Training, Distribution and Return Schedules
Test Security
Which Students Test

General Information: All Tests
Starting on Page 3...
Outline of Assessments for the Year
Trainings and Dates
Starting on Page 8...
Test Security
and review page 8 in your manual.
True or False: A staff member who has administered the same test in a prior year does not need to be trained this year.
All students enrolled in the Anchorage School District are expected to participate in all state testing and have test materials submitted for scoring.
Which Students Test?
Pages 10-12 outline who takes which test along with special situations. The HSGQE Retest and Alternate Assessment are two specific examples. Please take time to review this information and if you have any questions, please contact us.
Schools are NOT allowed to move/transfer test materials from one school to another under any circumstances. If materials need to be moved/transferred for a student, A&E must be notified and arrangements made with A&E staff for the move.
Please remind parents/guardians to update addresses each time a new testing session approaches.
Next Steps
Take time to explore the tab specific to your upcoming test
Confirm the date and time for your Part 2 training through My Learning Plan. Please complete the evaluation for Part 1 and mark yourself complete in My Learning Plan.
Additional Items
Do not move or transfer test materials.
Remind parents to keep addresses up to date.

Have a great day and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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