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spencer sweg

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Sealing

sealing is the personal or professional hunting of seals
Seals skins are hunted and sold to make cloths and other items. The seals and are clubbed or shot to death
How to preserve it

There are many ways to preserve the seals, some of the ways are having patrols watching areas that are commonly used for hunting. another way is to make it so you cant kill baby seals and only one per week. And we can stop the production of seal clothing and other products.

Who buys the seal skin
There are lots of countries that buy the pelts, some of the countries are Canada, Norway, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Russia, Denmark, Greenland, Greece, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Italy, France, Poland, Ukrain, Taiwan, Estonia, Japan and Mexico. with all of the pelts bought together from each country in 2006 16,394,641 pelts were bought
Where is the seals hunted
Seals are mainly hunted in eight, countries, those countries are Canada, Namibia, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Russia and the other countries are Finland and Sweden to prevent fisheries damages.
Why seals are hunted
Seals are hunted for their fur skin blubber and meat and sometimes seals are hunted for fun.their coat and blubber are used to make oil. the pelts is water proof and very warm and used for boots and coats.
by Jack and Spencer
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