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Tameem Jamali

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of GeoGraphy

Egypt, Cairo India, New Dehli And last but not least ANTARTICA!!!! Just Kidding Ok that was entertaining
Back on track My last City was....... Canada Ottawa
Which is in Africa 85 I wanna talk about the location of my 3 cities 1.Egypt ,Cairo Cairo is in lower Egypt and Egypt in Africa India is in Southern Asia
I know everybody thinks that India is not part of Asia but it is, it's just very south of it :) 3.Canada, Ottawa Infact Ottawa is only 2 and a half hours away from Montreal Ottawa is close to Montreal The Sphinx which is in Egypt attracts many tourists which is a pull factor. The dessert is an issue because some people aren't
used to the extreme heat that is a push factor
Taj Mahal which is in India. That is a pull factor because it was built long ago. Now I going to show you a video of the pull factors for Ottawa I want to live in Egypt because I like ancient things such as the pyramids. I always wonder how did they move those heavy rocks to make the pyramids. So if I lived there I would know the answer to my question. and it takes 9 hours to get from Windsor, Ontario to Montreal Man! Today was such a hot day today in at work in Cairo. Keeping all those tourists from touching the ancient statues India, New Dehli I just want to move to America where I can start
a career. The things stopping me are Phyiscal barriers because Egypt is surrounded by desserts and oceans Economic Barriers because i don't have enough money and the thing that stopping me the most is my childhood if I leave now I would be leaving my childhood memories and my family behind I want to live in India because I have family there. When I ay family I mean family. The funny thing is that I can't tell them apart. lol If I move to one of my 3 places culture will be alot different because there will be mutli-culturals. Such as America there is no specific culture Migration has affected Canada because we used to britsh and since lots of people from different beliefs have migrated to Canada we do not have much british. The Death Rate for Cairo is:
7.3/1,000 population
Death Rate for New Dehli is:
7.6/1000 population I couldn't find the death rate for ottawa The Birth Rate for Cairo:
30.6/1000 population The Birth Rate for New Dehli is:
18.4/1000 population and again I couldn't find the birth rate for ottawa........sigh >:| The unemployment rate for Cairo in 1995 was 7.6% The unemployment rate for New Dehli is 4.63% Overall I want to live in Cairo because the unemployment rate is high so that means more people have jobs. It will be easier for me to get a job that I like Thanks 4 Watchin... ;)
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