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Elements Of Design

No description

Tavia Cummings

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Elements Of Design

Elements Of Design
Mass as a Design Element
Mass is size, space, and "heaviness" of an object.
Darker colors are visually heavier than lighter colors

Lines can be any size, shape, texture or pattern and can be placed in any direction.
Lines can be used to:
Organize Info (tables or catalogs)
Simulate movement
Separate one part of a layout fro another.
Provide texture.
Define shapes
Shapes are often used in logos but can be used in many different ways.
Shapes can be:
Geometric Shapes
Natural shapes
Abstract shapes
Used to
Highlight Info
Organize or separate information

Texture as a design element
Texture is an effect applied to a background or as the fill
can be drawn or an actual image
Color as a design element
color can be used to bring attention
lead the eye
create movement
shapes in Design
Lines in movement
Organizational tables
Lines can provide Texture
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