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Basketball court

No description

Brooklyn Jacque

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Basketball court

Basketball Court
Basketball is my favorite sport.
When I have time, I will pick basketball over shopping and a lot of other activities.
My cousin's house in Illinois
When My family travels there it feels like we are never going to get there because it is so far away.
My cousin is very nice and she spoils us.
We always stop at this gigantic mall which is like 5 stories BIG.
I would love to go to Hawaii because it look so nice and warm.
I would love to swim with the dolphins.
Country Jam
Country Jam has good singers there.
When I went Jason Aldean, Kelly Clarkson and other good singers.
Wisconsin Dells
Usually every year we go to Wisconsin Dells with my cousins.
Wiscon Dells is a blast. If you like water rides then take a trip there.
Every year my cousin go camping with us.
On July 4 we watch fireworks from the lake.
The Farm
At the farm I walk my calves,and feed them.
At night I do all my chores.
It's relaxing to be around my animals.
Top 10 Favorite Places
Grandma and Grandpa's House
At Grandmas house she always makes homade cookies.
Grandma makes the best homade bread
She makes us pancakes,sausage and buys donuts for us in the morning.
Pizza Hut
Pizza is my favorite food.
Movie Theater


Escepially the

scary ones.
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