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Brett Franklin

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Greece

Equal partible inheritance is the norm by both law and custom sons and daughters receive roughly equivalent shares of their parents wealth.

Daughters generally receive their portion at marriage.
95% of country is literate 90% go to public school.
School is compulsory and free for the first 9 years and optional and free for the next 3.

A Major occasion on which people open their homes to a wide range of visitors is the day of honoring the saint for whom a person is named on those days it is permissible to call on anyone bearing the saints name guest generally bring sweets. Dominant Cultural patterns Greece For Beginners..... Hofstede's Patterns Greece is very collective
Into more family activity
Tries to carry tradition Deep Structure Verbal Behavior Nonverbal behavior Business Meeting Etiquette Roman Conquest Turkish Conquest WWI WWII Civil War Modern Greece Municipalities elect leaders more on the basis of personal qualities then political affiliation.

There Is little violent crime in Greece the biggest problem is tax evasion.

Greece has state run national health care since 1983.

A national exam is required to be passed for college entrance.

Nearly all celebrations have a religous componet and all major rites of the orthodox church are public holidays.

Homes are considered private family spaces.

Single family houses often contain walled courtyards a high value is placed on home ownership and most urban apartments are owned not rented. Certain foods are emblematic of the national identity. Moussaka,baklava thick coffee and resinated wine (Restina).

All major ceremonies involve food at funeral mourners are given Koliva (Boiled) wheat sugar and cinnamon.

A special cake Vasiliopita is baked on new years and the midnight Easter service is followed by a feast a lamb Collective Uncertainty Avoidance High uncertainty avoidance
Follows rules/laws
Community unity
Structured daily life Masculine Gender defined roles
Promote career success
materialistic Long Term Oriented Strong work ethic
Value social order
Maintains long term goals
Much respect to employers Individualistic Care about oneself
Independent stressed
Personal Achievements Uncertainty Avoidance Low uncertainty avoidance
Open to unusual
Expresses oneself
Dislikes rules/laws Power Distance Feminine Low power distance
Obey social norms
Not born into society
Wealth obtainable to anyone Equality for all
Nurturing society
People & Environment are important Short Term Oriented Live in the moment
Cherish youth
Wants results right now Located in southern Europe, bordering the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, between Albania and Turkey Location Power Distance High power distance
Rank/status important
Social hierarchy Working in Greece Leisure in Greece Greek Food -Many legal requirements
-Children 15 and under can work
-Part time work is uncommon
-40 hours a week
-Up to 10 hours a day
-Work week hours cannot exceed 48 hours a week Many outdoor activities
skiing Breakfast
Dinner Everything is shared
Hand eating is common
Dinners must be social
Bread is always broken Rich desserts
Olive oil
Vegetarian friendly meals
High protein intake
Healthy eating Arts & Architecture Music Fashion Healthcare Modern Ancient Health insurance & Private medical practice
All have insurance coverage
Plenty of coverage options
Lack of education on health Top 4 song in Greece
Paola, a Greek artist Athens Xclusive Designers Week
Featuring Miltos a Greek Native Caution! Smoking Country
Public drunkenness is not socially acceptable
No public nudity
High tourism rate Population 10,772,967 People
93% Greek
7% Foreign Citizens
20.1% are obese
20% live below poverty
24.4 Unemployment rate Agriculture & Climate Main Industries tourism
tobacco processing
metal products
petroleum wet winters
hot, dry summers
mostly mountains with ranges extending into the sea as peninsulas or chains of islands.

wheat, corn, barley, sugar beets, olives, tomatoes, wine, tobacco, potatoes; beef, dairy products Imports & Exports Exports: food and beverages, manufactured goods, petroleum products, chemicals, textiles Imports: machinery, transport equipment, fuels, chemicals Median Age: Male: 42 years old
Female: 44 years old Life Expectancy Male: 77 years old
Female: 82 years old Language: 99% Greek
1% Other Religion Greek Orthodox 98%
Muslim 1.3%
Other 0.7% Hellenic Army
Hellenic Navy
Hellenic Air Force MILITARY Military Service Age: 19-45

During time of war: 17

Served on 1 year contracts Live It. Greece Meeting Etiquette Warm & Hospitable
Meeting someone for the first time
Good friends
Male friends Featuring Greek Fashion Designer Miltos 1 out of 3 students are accepted to college, so most students study abroad. funerals are within 24 hours of death bodies are never cremated. Dinner Etiquette Toast
"eis igían sas" Punctual
What to wear
Before & after Table Manners Sitting
First to eat
Second serving
Finishing Appointment notice 1 to 2 weeks Short notice Confirm one day in advanceLunch hours 1 and 3 p.m.When buisness beginsMeetings are often interruptedDeviate agenda, on to the next logical place.InterpreterNegotiationDeadlinesContractsLunch invitation GESTURES No
Come here
Tell you something
Thank you Peloppenisian War Alexander the Great
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