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Political Parties in General

Brief Overview of the Major Political Parties in the United States

Tavish Whiting

on 17 July 2018

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Transcript of Political Parties in General

Political Parties
in the
United States

Democratic Party
The Democratic Party is a liberal party that generally believes in the following:
Purpose of a Political Party
A political party is a group of citizens, who have similar political ideologies and views on government, who seek to elect like-minded individuals to public office.

By electing individuals to office, political parties hope to resolve political & social conflicts through policy formulation and promotion. In order to elect these individuals, political parties help to raise money and promote electioneering from its followers.
Current Political Situation in the US
Currently, the American political landscape is dominated a two-party system consisting of the
Democratic Party
(modern party formed in 1828) and the
Republican Party
(formed in 1854).

There are smaller third parties in the United States who control a very limited number of elected seats. Some of these include the
Libertarian Party
(1971) and the
Green Party
Basic Structure of Political Parties
Ward Level
State Level
National Level
District Level
Precinct Level
Lowest level of a political party
; concerns small areas within cities or towns like neighborhoods.
The Ward Level concerns political activity within the
legislative districts of cities
and towns; made up of precincts.
Political level of state or national legislative districts like
Congressional Districts
State Political Committees organize
statewide elections
and support the national organization.
National Committee coordinate national fund raising efforts as well as supporting presidential candidates.
Stronger Government Involvement
Higher Taxes
Higher Minimum Wage
Oppose Death Penalty
Stronger Gun Control
Decreased Military Spending
Expanding Social Programs
Republican Party
Sometimes called the "
," the Republican Party is a conservative party that generally believes the following:
Less Intrusive Government
Lower Taxes
Minimum Wage Status Quo
Supports Death Penalty
Againsted Increased Gun Control
Increased Military Spending
Decreasing the size of Social Programs
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