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Mini Grey

No description

Abigail Shaw

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of Mini Grey

Mini Grey
Has anyone heard of Mini Grey?

Does anyone know any of her books?
Think, pair and share!
Mini's books...
Her first book, Egg Drop was published in 2002...
About Mini...
She is British and currently lives in Oxford.
She did an English degree, followed by a MA in Sequential Illustration.
She spent 7 years being a primary school teacher in South London before beginning a career in illustration.
Author Presentation
Ashleigh Westfield and Abigail Hamilton-Shaw

Digging deeper..
Mini has always illustrated in her spare time.
She had a secret ambition to have her own book published and as time went on, she realised that children's books would be a great platform for her illustrations.
and her most recent, Space Dog which was published in 2015
and some of her other books include...
About the book...
A group of toys which are left outside by thier owner over night. Most of the toys are feeling frightened, so Wonderdoll tells them a bedtime story about an alien who is sad because he has lost his "Cuddles". The story then leads into the imagination of all the toys. In this, they help the alien by throwing him a party before they have to go home. When its dawn, the story goes back into real life and all the toys question Wonderdoll about the ending.
Why did Mini end the story so quickly?
Are the toys dreaming or is it their imagination? Can toys sleep?
Why was Wonderdoll the character telling the story?
Things we noticed...
The story line was a bit dull, but the illustrations compensated.
It's a relatable story for children and many connections to other popular stories, e.g. Toy Story.
You can easily read the story without having read the text.
It is very imaginative.
Patterns in Mini Grey's books...
Comic book theme is used throughout her more recent books.
The majority use animals and toys as the main characters.
There is an element of flying which is repeated in the books we read.
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