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Women's role WWII

No description

Carli Domenico

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Women's role WWII

Women's Role in World War 2 Carli Domenico Traditionally, women were expected to clean, take care of the house, etc.
However, during WWII women's lives and role in society completely changed Women filled the jobs of men and husbands who left to war
They also joined the military; however, they did not take part in combat
Not only American women were affected but also women of the Allied and Axis countries Propaganda campaigns urged women to be more frugal.
To sew, repair, raise money for war bonds
In 1942 the marraige rate dramatically increased and babies born to unmarried women raised to 42% between 1939-1945 During WWII the percentage of women working in a paid job increased from 25 to 36%
Posters of "Rosie the Riveter" encouraged women it was patriotic not unfeminine to take part in non-traditional jobs
Women took up jobs in the American Shipbuilding Industry which previously rarely included women
Women moved to Washington DC for government jobs
After FDR's Executive order 8802 in 1941, minorities especially women benefitted because it was against racial discrimination
The All-American Baseball league was created due to absence of males for Major League Women became nurses in Red Cross and military units
Many women involved in military :
Army - 140,000
Navy - 100,000
Marines - 23,000
Coast Gaurd - 13000
Air Force- 1000
Army and Navy Nurse Corps- 74000 With military bases came prostitutes particularily
after Pearl Harbor
Honolulu "sporting girls"
Houses of prostitution used as "hospitals"
"Victory girls" After WWII many women lost jobs to returning men and many still working had wages cut; however, their new role during this time paved the way for the many civil rights movements of the 1950's womenshistory.about.com
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