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Responsive Web Design

No description

Gloriana Zamora

on 22 June 2012

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Transcript of Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design "One web to rule them all" but... Making the web site respond to their environment... ...with flexible grids. It doesn't means... having a different web site for every device Frameworks On your own (easy way) (more control) Serving a single html to countless browsers and devices.. why? code devices sharing Design Tips Fluid Grid 1 that means.. Think Proportionally Decide what text on the page should remain constant,
and what text should be adjusted. 2 No textured borders No gradient bgs Still stubborn? Use "easily tiled" images X Y Wrong way.. Good way.. x should always be n times as big as y x should always be npx bigger than y modules that can be re-organized, re-sized, and shuffled 3 Make it Modular Implementation Tips Flexible Grid Flexible Images Patterns Media Queries Make it your own.. Main Ingredients Flexible Grid
Flexible images
Media Queries target / context = result Typesetting Set body font-size to 100%
Use em instead of px Layout What about margins and paddings? What about the images that need to live in the bg? Flexible tiled bg images
Using background-size CSS property
Javascript-based solutions
Media queries to apply different bg images optimize the display correct imperfections How to use them? They have two components: media type
and the feature - value. How to identify the breakpoints? Twitter Bootstrap Foundation Less Framework Fluid Grid Column drop Layout Shifter Adaptive Off Canvas Thanks! References: a book apart - responsive web design by Jeremy Keith
designing for a responsive web by Max Luzuriaga
multi-device layout patterns by Luke Wroblewski Example psd target / context = result 900px blog: 95%
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