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Suspension of Natural Laws

No description

Madison Brumagin

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Suspension of Natural Laws

Spongebob and Patrick, Dirty Dan
Ideas of pain and suffering have been suspended in order to be comedic.

Suspension of Natural Laws
Alexander is like any ordinary boy, but he keeps facing conflicts. He doesn't seem to deserve them in any way but society is simply against him.
Contrast Between Society and the Individual
When situations continue to go wrong, the audience finds it funny. Essentially society is put upside down and all odds seem to be against the individual(s).
In Tom & Jerry, they continuously torture each other to a new extreme compared to most other cartoons.
This is a combination of suspension of natural laws and exaggeration. Through verbal humor, and characterization.
The Comic Premise
All About Comedy
BY: M.E.N.
In Modern Family, The Dunphys' are always getting into trouble and causing family tension, that brings viewers amusement. But in the end these situations always bring them closer together.
Domestic comedy often has to do with family situations. A good example is sitcoms. They include a series of complicated but amusing events.
Domestic Comedy
No one cares that Spongebob and Patrick are getting injured, the audience finds the repetition of their pain funny.
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